“The World Building Community” - The Aqualon Blog #4 (07.Jul.2018)

Hello dear readers!   It has been a while since the last blog entries, but if you follow Aqualon, you know that I have not been idle in that time ^-^   Today I held my weekly twitch stream, and I would like to share my take-away on that with you.   First of all, what a great stream! (Click here to watch the recording)   In the past few weeks, I have done some major streamlining and restructuring of the Gates of Aqualon TV stream, which airs Saturdays at 18:00 CEST.   In the beginning, the stream was a lot about just Aqualon and my processes of worldbuilding, showcasing some articles, live drawing maps, and talking about how I utilized WA.   Since then I have done one Aqualon Challenge (Waking the Animancer) and delved into conversations with other world builders and authors, getting more and more of a general grasp of the world building community. And what I have learned is: we are a community of creatives, of givers, people who put themselves out there and try to make the worlds in their hearts a reality.   Of course this makes the taking side a bit more clumsy; in a setting where we act as worldbuilders, it is more uncomfortable to see ourselves as readers, which of course can slow down engagement and cross-pollination of worlds and ideas.   In a way, the WA challenges have helped mitigate that problem in some ways, by engaging people and encouraging them to write, but I think the future for the community lies in recognizing that we are a collective of fellow authors and storytellers, worldbuilders and loremasters. Critique, collaboration, review, and sharing of tools and tips, this is the true face of our niche.   To that end, I have striven, at first clumsily, but with growing success, to engage my fellow creators on a creative level, starting writing challenges that are set in Aqualon, but put other writers into focus, a community roleplaying game where commenting steers the character's actions, and of course my two new writing segments for Gates of Aqualon TV:   Quills with Skills, where I share thoughts, tips, and techniques related to story telling and writing.   And the Aqualon Review, where I offer fellow creators to share their World Anvil articles via the show in the form of me reviewing them and providing constructive criticism and suggestions for polishing them off.   This week, these are the wonderful articles I had the privilege of reviewing:

  I think getting people to write together can lead to amazing results. I still remember fondly the times when I collaborated with fellow Vocaloid Producers and artists to create beautiful music, far beyond anything I could have made on my own at the time. Not because of a lack of skill, but because combining ideas and different kinds of skills leads to results beyond the scope of the imagination of just one person.   So this is something I look forward to in the future.  
Beyond the stream, I have also started creating the Aqualon Builders Guild.
The Aqualon Builders Guild and Challenges YOU can Participate in!
Generic article | Jan 22, 2019

Become part of the Aqualon Builders Guild! Support this world, participate in Writing challenges, and earn awesome rewards!

  This is my way of trying to keep the things I publish as pay-wall free as possible. Initially, I had started offering patrons to "live on Aqualon", effectively getting their own map pins with building descriptions and little pictures. But with the Aqualon Builders Guild, I can extend that to all people who just really like this world ^-^ The idea is that all contributions such as liking articles or following the world award bricks, which can be used to build houses. I'll write the descriptions for those up, but you're name and link will be attached to them and you'll have some customization options! I got the idea from Guy the Great GM, who is giving away "Pieces of Braxia" to his patrons, which I just loved. Hopefully, one day, lots of real people will live on Aqualon and have their own neighborhoods and organizations :3   To make it easier to get these bricks and get building, I will host regular Aqualon challenges where I try to encourage people to write short articles, poems, or other creative things that loosely tie into this world that award bricks and sometimes whole buildings ^-^   On that closing note: You can find the current "Poets of Rahn" challenge I mention in the stream listed on the Aqualon Builders Guild article linked above!


  I am going to turn the collective poems created for this challenge into one beautifully formatted article, showcasing the creativity of the participants and their work. As a great admirer of good poetry, I am very exited about this, because I have always felt that all people have a hidden poetic streak they like to keep under wraps or deny, but when it comes out, oh boy, what beautiful words they weave.   Have a great weekend,   Koray   PS: I'll do a blog entry about my HJT Gazette column next time!


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