The Reshaping of the World

Year 0

After the War of the Reshaping, called the Ragnarok Wars by the enemies of the Old Gods, had been won by the Faceless World-Shaper and his allies, the Disciples of Yilik, he gathered his supporters below his mighty cloak and drew on the power of the Great Clockwork to forge a new planet out of the nine asteroid worlds that formed the Nine Realms.  
"In time, a man came to our world, a Weltenwandler more powerful than any living being had ever been in all the Nine Realms, and he said he would rebuild the world according to his design. Some joined his cause, like the Swarten, the Midgardians, and the Vanier, such as I am, and some resisted, like the Albenmannen and Jöten and the Aesir, who would not let the world they had conquered for themselves be remade free.   He brought in his wake a great war that shattered the realms, and by consuming the well of Wyrd, he forged the shards together to a great ball, the world we now call the realm of the middle and that man calls ‘Aqualon’.   The Faceless World-Shaper, or New God-King, appeased the factions who had joined his side by giving the world of the middle to man and the Swarten and recreated the realm of the Aesir, Asgard, for them to hold as well as a realm below, the realm of Helgard, where the two were free to live together, if they so chose."
— Frey-ja to her son Plâton.
  The "Reshaping" is a certain process the Great Clockwork performs once Aqualon has been destroyed. After a period of rest, it will create a new version of the world and place a new mankind on it. It has been speculated by clockwork theologists of Borealis that this process entails the design of a target world, including plant and animal organisms, and a backwards calculating process, which leads to the Reshaping in a primal form, which then passes through a hyper-accelerated time-dilation field until it has developed into the chosen form, making the natural formation of geological strata and ecosystems possible.   In hijacking this process, the Faceless World-Shaper was capable of creating a very unusual planet for purposes that are still unclear.    
The History of Aqualon: After the Reshaping
Generic article | Feb 3, 2019

A timeline of Aqualon's major history after the planet had been forged out of the Nine Realms by the Faceless World-Shaper.

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