The Founding of Jamphel Yeshe

189 AID

From this day forward, this land shall be known as Jamphel Yeshe, the promised land; the holy land! We will build a great monastery in this place, and all who seek wisdom, all who seek guidance, all who seek their place in the world will be welcome in our arms!
— The proclamation of the Grand Sages, 189 AID
  Walking across the waters of the Ocean Belt as though they were solid ground, the Grand Sages, Chakravarti, Versha, Ronilda, Drahoslav, and Almelon, disciples of Yilik and allies of the Faceless World-Shaper, made their way to their new promised land, which they named after the Avatar of the Great Clockwork of their time, Jamphel Yeshe.    
Jamphel Yeshe
Geographic Location | Oct 16, 2022

The first clockwork exclusion zone. No magic. No god. Just depravity and human garbage littering hopeless streets of a once holy land... ~ 4623 Words

The History of Aqualon: After the Reshaping
Generic article | Feb 3, 2019

A timeline of Aqualon's major history after the planet had been forged out of the Nine Realms by the Faceless World-Shaper.

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