“Stories and Reviews” - The Aqualon Blog #3 (17.Jun.2018)

Hello dear readers ^-^   It's been another week, and lots of stuff has been going on with Aqualon again! I published an English short story on WA, the Black Priest of Rastrowel, which is the first part of the Ferry Tales series, tales about the mages for hire employed by the Hank & Jorden & Tenzer Corporation. Read it here:  

The Black Priest of Rastrowel
Prose | Jan 10, 2019

A short story about the little girl Lyn, who lives with her uncle, an HJT ferry (a magus that protects ships), his apprentice Makani, and the mysterious Lady Wisp in a lighthouse hut on the island of Rastrowel. The first HJT Ferry Tale. (5325 Words)

We are also making good headway on the WA Community Roleplay!
This Adventure is up to YOU! [Community Role Play]
Character | Jun 18, 2018

Define the fate of a community driven Aqualon character by commenting on these articles!

6 Anvilites have contributed so far by commenting their choices for our community character "Heru Nahas", who is a former soldier of Arkatrash that deserted after losing her leg. There are still several details about the character that need to be filled out, such as her best skills and special tricks, and you can help us do that by writing just one comment! (no long term commitment required ^-^) As soon as Heru is ready and playable, the next article containing our first scene will open up, and you, the community, can then write out Heru's actions as she experiences wondrous adventures on Aqualon!
  I also hosted Gates of Aqualon TV #11 yesterday! This time I did have too busy a week to prepare a Quills with Skills segment, but to make up for it I introduced a new segment: the Aqualon Review! In it I reviewed too articles by fellow Anvilites, who were looking for feedback. Check out their wonderful articles here:
  On a sort of low note: This week's "Aqualon, Rise of the Broken" chapter will be delayed by a week. This is due to the new narrative strands I have been introducing throughout the editing process. At this point I have to insert a whole new chapter to keep up, and I am only half-way through. To prevent a drop in quality, I will require another week to make sure it is just right ^-^   I hope you had fun reading this week's publication! And if you're bored, why not find out which element would be easiest to attune to for you on Aqualon?
Which Element is Your Soul Attuned to?
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 26, 2018

Test your aptitude for elemental magic, the result may surprise you! (929 Words)

  Have a great week! Koray Birenheide


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