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We haven't heard from Bin or Ash in several hours, they both missed our scheduled quarterly report meeting (a meeting detailing anomalous coins). Personnel are advised to keep an eye out and inform their higher-ups of any sightings of the Administrator and APRA Director.   The following is a transcript from earlier today, as the pair had called in to our quarterly report meeting (a meeting about living quarters within Foundation structures.).   Written log 2022-10-24
Note: Bin Folks and Ash Ngo were personally investigating an anomaly in southern California, and on their way to a nearby Foundation office after concluding their business there. This call was received from inside of an Agnew Sr.'s they stopped at along the way. This log has been cut down to only contain the end of their call, as it is what is most pertinent today.
  -Bin and Ash walk outside of the restaraunt, and continue talking as they enter the parking lot.   Bin: ...anyway if they cost so much we should just fire them.   Ash: We can't fire printers, Bin. They're machines.   Heavy Jim: We've recently caught a Lemming sucking the ink out of a cartidge like it was a juicebox, that may be why we're stuck spending so much on ink.   Bin: What does any of this have to do with quarters? I think we've— hold on a moment, where's my car? This thing is hideous!   -The camera moves to show a bright red, yellow, and white racecar. A symbol depicting two tire-like eyes appears on key spots of its body.   Ash: I feel like it's staring at me. Can we stop looking at this thing? Maybe you just forgot where you parked.   -Bin fumbles for his keys, finds them, then presses a button on the fob, and stops to listen for the beep.   -The racecar beeps and its lights flash.   -Bin shrugs.   Bin: I mean a free car is a free car. We're going to be late for the quarterly report meeting if we don't get going.   Ash: Bin I swear if you get in the— you're already in the car.   -Bin is in the car.   -Ash sighs, and the signal drops.  
— Serious Jim, The Jim Council


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