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Kholra (cole-ruh)


Material Characteristics

Kholra is most often used an additive when making other materials or items. Alone, it simply appears as grey or black dust. When used as an additive, it contributes no physical characteristics to indicate its presence.

Materials and items containing Kholra are effectively toxic to living creatures, especially when it has no access to sunlight for extended periods.

Physical & Chemical Properties


The only way to successfully neutralize this material is to deprive it of any connection to arcane energies for several days, including sunlight, at which point it becomes inert. (in some rare cases, the material may try to use living beings as an energy source, so care should be taken to avoid ANY direct physical contact during the process)

History & Usage


In obscure texts, a material known as kholra is sometimes mentioned. A mystical compound that, when added during the construction of other items, greatly increases the potency and duration of echantments. Garuun, a noted historian, wrote:
...and the legions rose - clad in their vile kholra - utterly decimating the defences of Car'Adun. In full sunlight, the hordes assembled, in defiance of all that is good and pure. The foul pestilence infected the very air, and soon only the most valiant remained amongst the bastion's inhabitants.
— Garuun Uldren, Sage of the 1st Order




Producing Kholra is a risky prospect. In order to produce it, one must first grind the remains of a reanimated corpse finely, producing a grey or black dust. Once the dust is prepared, it requires a powerful magician to use the ████████ ritual (redacted), which helps restore the connection to the donor's soul and bathes the substance in intense necrotic energies. Once this stage has been completed, the inhalation or prolonged contact with the substance can cause a myriad of effects, including depression and poor physical health. Finally, the substance (which can now be mixed with other materials) is exposed to direct sunlight (the more, the better). This allows the substance to absorb the life-giving energy of the sun, essentially "priming" the Kholra or Kholra-alloy.

Manufacturing & Products

Kholra is added to vastly increase the potency or duration of any enchantments bound to the item that contains it.


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