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Very Short Stories and Threads

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Written by George Sanders

Very Short Stories - Quotes, Thoughts, and Sayings from the Anhult Wildlands

Developing writing habits takes repetition. One of my strategies for that is to add a Tweet size chunk to my world every day. I have found it is useful to experiment with different formats. Prompts also help me pry myself away from one way of looking at things. I use the vssCollab Challenge organized by ShyRedFox as a basis for crafting Very Short Stories (VSS). Many of the ideas I toss around in VSS could become larger stories or published in the In Threads Zine. You can follow along with me on Twitter at georgesanders_ or read the posts here. Each section below includes the tweet's date, the prompts used, plus the tweet and an image- if used.


2023 VSS

Fight or Flight

6/1/2023 Anxious ideas led to vulgar words then a scene with no bright side. Footprints and bittersweet regret trailed the forest retreat. The scene darkened. Thunder soared across unblinking twilight. Openness failed. Careful overdone. Blue tears fell faster than holiday candy #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

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6/2/2023 Maybe acceptance hung just over the horizon but the anxious need to run spared any bright side. The crowd and bonfire fell behind. Better to be a chameleon in the woods. Until, lightning crashed down blotting out constellations, highlighting dolls watching the scene. #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/3/2023 What appeared priceless and American were a trick of greed's faithful. The dolls' designs demanded imprisonment not inclusion. Doom's contract had a caveat, they shrunk from the lightning   fae bodies scattered
driven from flashes of light
till distance achieved   #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/4/2023 Foot over foot, breath racing. Escape a peaceful prize slipping away in the moonlight. The miasma of doomed choices had to be owned but first survived. Former problems, unimportant now.   clawed hands lashed at flesh
as heavy winds and rain whipped
pineapple express   #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/5/2023 No yawp could be heard over the rain and extended fray. Languid figures chased and called through the summertime storm. Harmony would only be found in this space if a safe cove could be uncovered. Protection of self overrode the fairies' pull to sleepy dreams. #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/6/2023 Deeper now in the woods, the flicker of the summertime storm revealed a relentless chase with fae and waves of rain-soaked sorrow. A distant lullaby signaled hope. Chroniclers would mark this as a change of trajectory back to the hometown. Pride could be crushed. #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/7/2023 Mythos nor clockwork knowledge could lift the weight of being misunderstood. At tonight's gathering, one gay wisecrack triggered the need to run. Now, hazards in pursuit demanded an eventide return home. First, the seashell-like lullaby neared. It's source, a new fairy #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/8/2023 They beached outside a tree. The splash into the grass looked like a war unexpected. The fairy bounced between a minefield of rocks ending in a melancholic languid state. Unable to stand, the breadth of injury unknown but worth the rush to pick up as a kindred spirit. #vsscollab #vss365 #bravewrite #vssnature #vssdaily #vssmystery #brknshards #2wordprompt #inkmine

6/9/2023 The race through the woods became funneled by a fence. However, a glower face could not be maintained. The daughter of a rainbow held tight like a blanket after a disheveled dream. "Thank you," she sang. Doomed outlook had no place with this change of fate today. #vsscollab

6/10/2023 An autumnal twist formed its concave shape. A bubble of quiet divided from the storm outside. The duality like a tidepool's smooth surface. A priority extraction from a dangerous race.   hallmark of slowed time
toasted, rust colored leaves fell
disquieting space   #vsscollab

6/11/2023 Fae species in pursuit dashed by without clash or conversation. This disquieting twist an oasis for atonement. The outside storm flowed past, leading to a whimsical overture to toast Luck.   spirit of nature
shine strong protective and pure
love pledged in return   #vsscollab






2022 VSS

The New Mayor

12/31/2021 (*, Becoming) The fire provided warmth like a trusted friend. Her resolve solidified as the crowd danced around her. She could be their mayor. A smile filled the space where there had been so much pain. Becoming something new was healing. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

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1/1/2022 (Resolve, Renewal) She listened first, then paused. That pause took resolve, but the new mayor found peace in it, even with the festival roaring around her. She heard hidden burdens, hopes, and a need to belong. So she would offer Spring, renewal. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

1/2/2022 (Liminal, Infinity) Once upon a time the new mayor considered herself endless, infinity. Others recognized that & used her to fuel greedy, power-hungry plans. Being rescued put her in a liminal space, aware of boundless potential & painful limits. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

The picture shows a red sky at dawn below a layer of white clouds in the background with tree branches shooting straight up ready for winter crossed by power lines running horizontal in the front.
Liminal Space at Dawn by George Sanders

1/3/2022 (Suggestion, Solar) The first to suggest during the festival that she be mayor showed her unconditional friendship. The new mayor vowed to respect that rare Gift. The vow's power surprised her, but it had coincided with a solar maximum. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

Original image from iStockPhoto/mangostock. A diversity of hands in a row are raised to vote and volunteer. A blue filter is overlaid the image to fit with the story theme.
Reaching Hands by iStockPhoto/mangostock

1/4/2022 (Tranquil, Poise, Enormity) As the old sage talked, the new mayor took a deep breath. She needed balance, poise to be tranquil. The enormity of the moment loomed large. The air sparkled as she stepped in front, “Beautiful friends. Please sit." @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult #fantasy

1/5/2022 (Dawn, Curly, Tangible) She spoke of what was to come, fear tangible in the crowd. "I will watch over you. Will you continue to protect me?" She placed a curly ribbon on her tree. "At dawn the wind will release our fears, burdens and bring us hope." @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult #fantasy

1/6/2022 (Partake, Memories, Junkyard)The square filled with food. Time to partake. Ale, stews and bread drove the festival late into the night. The mayor collected memories like a librarian collects books. Each conversation akin to a precious find in a junkyard. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/7/2022 (Arrange, House, Dissipation)Dissipation of the town payroll became the end of the previous mayor. As he was brought out of the house the crowd surged forward. The new mayor moved, arranged the space, calmed the crowd back to the conversations at hand. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/8/2022 (birth, perspicacity, stanza)The new mayor had earned her perspicacity. She had been under lock and key. She had been tortured, drained of power. Yet her new community needed a way forward. Her choice was the birth of something new, an open door, a new stanza. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/9/2022 (origin, hypnosis, picturesque) The fires danced & reached out with their hypnosis. The festival grew quickly, the emotion of victory its origin. The new mayor's tree, the people, town, forest - now one. Picturesque. Not apart anymore, she was in the story. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

Close up picture of a fire. Thin branches are burning bright. The outline of the branches in the fire are red hot. Bright orange flame look like waves.
Festival Fire by George Sanders

1/10/2022 (connections, amorous, hyperbolic)Many in the crowd felt the sage had been hyperbolic when warning of the old mayor. The new mayor listened how the sage organized dozens to storm the townhall. While not amorous, deep connections showed his love of the people. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/11/2022 (meaning, infatuation, trafficking)The old mayor's infatuation with money & crimes ended him, meaning he had imprisoned the new mayor & allowed trafficking of children. A ranger leaned to the new mayor. She turned to Emma, "My champions will recover your son."@LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/12/2022 (will, glimmer, bumblebee) The ranger standing nearby reminded the new mayor of her rescue. He had asked her name. As she touched the tree, her will gathered, and a glimmer of a memory bounced through her mind like a bumblebee on flowers. "I am Lavani" @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

Young elvish looking woman with long green hair, flowers in her hands and in her hair. Dressed in a blouse with puffy arms and high collar. A leather vest over top - cottagecore style.
Lavani with

The View from Here

1/13/2022 (code, comics)"People that thought of themselves as comics would try to get me to laugh, but they didn't know the code. I was a blank slate inside, desperate to figure out what their words meant, so I said nothing. But, the emotions coming off of them were loud and clear."@vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult

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1/14/2022 (rise, watermelon) "Their blood pumped. Their faces got as red as the inside of a watermelon. The palpable rise in their anger confirmed I should not have looked. I read it from wisps of anticipation, the savoring of the hunt, their emotions. I screamed." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/15/2022 (launch, serenade) "When I screamed the musician strolling the great hall stopped her serenade. As my sister she launched herself toward me. The entire court was looking. I didn't stop until she touched my hand. 'I need to go,' I whimpered knowing it could cost her" @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/16/2022 (hero, midnight) "Twenty years older than me and famous, my sister was my hero. She waved to the prince, now standing on the edge of the dias with a stern face. 'I need to go' I said, crying. She walked me over to the door as the bell tolled midnight." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/17/2022 (stream, leap) A chunk of stone from the ceiling crashed into the prince's chair. Guards dashed into the room. Those men with the flush faces mowed down the guards with a stream of crossbow bolts. My sister knelt in front of me, two bolts in her back. We made a leap for the door. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/18/2022 (option, daisy) My sister and I reached an alcove - blood on the front of her shirt now! "No option, pick out fletching. Push bolt through," she said. I gasped and looked at the daisy in a nearby vase. "Signal! Eyes on me. Before I lose consciousness, come on." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/19/2022 (practice, siren) I kept thinking "This is something I should have practice doing first," but I was too worried about losing my sister. I pushed the bolt through. She screamed in pain and when she caught her breath she said "Siren". Then put her hand on the wound and it started to close. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/20/2022 (trip, arcade) "Time to take a trip, lie low." my sister said as we ran under the arcade. "I'm sorry I ruined your song." My sister stopped. "Signal, you misunderstand, don't be sorry. You saved the prince. Plus, that bolt wasn't for me, they aimed at you." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/21/2022 (introduction, liar) "My sister prefers I not share such stories but I needed a strong impression. The new mayor suggested a trade as an introduction. She knew I wasn't a liar, the same way I knew what the assassins planned. 'Your turn Lavani,' was how I ended." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


Next Flower

1/22/2022 (baseline, rain) The rain drummed off the patio roof. Lavani woke me. "It is time to show you the baseline." I had dozed off while waiting. "You wanted to know my story, why I stayed here." She took my hand and pulled me out into the rain. Her bare feet raced forward. @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult

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1/23/2022 (collaboration, devil) The trees' collaboration redirected the water. Once out of the rain we laughed and shook ourselves dry. She took my arm in hers and walked us down a path. The sun was coming up, poking rays through the canopy. This was no devil, she knew pure joy. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult

1/24/2022 (arrow, fall) Singing birds and a gentle breeze made the walk through the trees renewing. Fields sat ready to harvest in a clearing. Fall was months away. Were the plants ahead of the arrow of time? Lavani tugged on my arm, "That is cool but it isn't our destination" @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult

1/25/2022 (peace, duet) Walking down the path, I asked questions. Lavani listened and answered. She didn't color me with her perceptions. She didn't get hung up on my stumbling words or judge what I was asking. It was like we were singing a duet. She had a rhythm and peace. @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult

1/26/2022 (mountain, lead) Lavani continued to lead. We paused in a clearing with a circle of square short stones inside a circle of tall stones. She climbed a tall stone with the enthusiasm of summitting a mountain. She reached her hand down to me and pulled me up. She was fun! @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult

1/27/2022 (prelude, cherry) Two cherry trees still in bloom flanked the stone circle. Two children played in the clearing. A little sister brought treasures found to her brother as he practiced with his bow. Lavani smiled at them, then to me, "Let's slip away before we interrupt." @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult


1/28/2022 (hope, beacon) We walked back on a different path. "The children's parents are gone." A man in the woods dodged and weaved. His carried a long weapon. He struck at a beacon and missed. He repeated. Lavani said "I gave him hope." The beacon rang out as man hit. @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult


1/29/2022 (marrow, hills) The walk became a workout. The forest path navigated hills and ravines. We stopped at a garden at the edge of town. Lavani picked marrow. "Perfect for dinner." She pulled weeds, kept busy...let me catch my breath. "Lavani, we are back where we started." @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult


1/30/2022 (issue, breathe) "The issue is how to break a loop of fate, like the path of our walk." Lavani paused to breathe. "I jumped loops, broke my bounds. It's true magic. I used to only absorb stories. Now I am a story. I will nurture this place to repay that amazing gift." @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult


1/31/2022 (challenge, starlight) Lavani took on the challenge and title of mayor with zeal and heart. During daylight or starlight the town has a leader and a guardian * She has my approval. I start my trip home in 1 hr. I will return to the council in the week. End Diplomatic Report 9 #vssCollab #vss365 #anhult


Magic Shop

Feb 2 The carpenter didn't do upscale but his work was solid. He asked how much weight would be on the shelves so he could mitigate any problems. I didn't know how much a dragon foot bone weighed so I tossed it to him. I hope he comes back. #vssCollab #bravewrite #anhult

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Feb 3 The lovely lady from the dry grocer came by to drop off ground coffee. She was checking out the mushrooms and picked up the bad ones. You know, the harbingers of doom. Yelling "that is your doom, not food" may have been too much.#vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 4 The bald caravan driver was asking for payment but the boss had not left any coin. I told him "I can't foot the bill. But, we do have this hair tonic." Whew, another near miss, I hope. I looked down at the the plant growth label hidden in my hand. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 5 The burnt sage crumbled. I re-read the instructions the boss left. "Rush order! Parch the sage by tying it upside down at least 2 feet above the fire. Keep steady low heat going for 8 hours" The juxtaposition of rush order and low heat tripped me up #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult

Feb 6 One small block of pink sea salt. Bag of used coffee grounds. A dozen corn cobs. "Can I have those eggs shells too?" The mushrooms in the basement had a unique cuisine but that calcium was key #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 7 You become a narrator when your workmates are little mushrooms and cats. The cats are my favorite but I have to admit they interrupt a lot and I serve them. The mushrooms are amazing little workers. Oh, I love them both. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 8 The man at the market stall must have thought I had 3 heads they way he was looking at me. "Talking in Octosyllable." "Recommend it for exercise." "I heard it will make your brain big." "Please place two apples in my bag." #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 9 "One water bucket into the pot Two carrots picked today Three logs to make it hot Four sprigs of sage for a bouquet"   I repeated it as I left the market, "It's ok. I'm reciting Quatrains now. My boss said to practice so the magic doesn't go South." #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 10 Mrs Heim, read the usage label. Toss a leaf in each of the cardinal directions then take a bath with a 5th leaf in your home. Yes, my boss is young but the recipe is from the Herbalist Primer. No, no side-effects. I'm sure it'll work. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult 2xproficiency


Feb 11 The carpenter stopped hammering. Once Mrs Heim left, he asked what the ritual was. His eyes got big as I tried to explain quantum symmetry breaking involved in balancing the soul. Oh wait, that was the next page. She just needed a luck potion. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 12 Mr Nettlemyer knocked after sunrise. No, you can not buy a cravat here. You want the clothing shop, three doors down. I watched to make sure he arrived. It was gratifying to hear Yelsin greet him. That was good. Today's goal, no scared customers. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 13 The boss said to foster a positive work environment for the mushrooms in the basement. They can't talk but she said they were astute. They can understand what you say to them. They waddle when they walk and their caps look like cute oversized hats. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 14 The cats run the place. I opened the door to the boss' bed chamber and the cats raced to find the best spot on the bed. Their palates are so particular they act like gourmets. I'm preparing fish every other day of the week. Yeah, they are spoiled. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 15 Goat heart!? Um, no. You need the butcher shop. That is the next building up the street. Whew. When is the shop's sign getting delivered! The Liaison from the city said it would be with the next caravan. I'll have to make something in the meantime. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 18 Ouch! I'm going to break my toe walking past this apple crate. It irks me that I am so clumsy. Ouch! Again? Ok crate we need to have a talk. The crate scurried to the corner of the shop on four legs. A pair of eyes looked up at me. It seemed sorry. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 19 I thought I had developed a strong bond with the mushrooms in the basement. I expected them to move a little faster as I entreated them to clean up the bits of rat used for fertilizer. This isn't all games and fun guys. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 20 Is that smell coming from your basement? There is some sage in the garden that could fix that. Am I your youngest customer? Did you hear that Pumpkin found my teddy bear? How many of those seeds are you going to count out? Yes, I told her to hush. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 21 It was good to get away from the shop. The breeze brushed past me lifting leaves on the trees. I could close my eyes and breath deep. I was already feeling better. I was confused and concerned by the customer asking for Za. I had no idea what it was #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 22 As my partner and kids ate the birthday cake, they turned pink then teal. I kept my head down until they called me out. It must have been Moonpie. While I stirred the batter I turned away for just a second. That cat knocked some powder into the pot. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 23 The two women that run the bath house were always teasing me to try their services. I fell today just outside the shop. They ran to my rescue and were sweet. I should not have judged them for the risque behavior. They are coming over for tea later. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 24 With the tea brewing, I looked outside. I saw my foster daughter walk by with Will. He is a Good-Natured boy. I leaned my head out the door -a fly on the wall. She was trying hard to not look too enamored. I wonder, will be a fling or something more #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 25 I trudged home after a long day at the shop. My partner could see it on my face. "I know you have had good days and you love the new job, but Supheli said you could set the hours. Pace yourself, right?" I nodded. She handed me a warmed compress. #vsscollab #bravewrite #anhult


Feb 26 The thieves left scant evidence. The loot they snatched gave me a big clue - a sachet swiped from a box on the top shelf. I needed that dried catnip for a tonic. Mrs Feldman had a baby that was colic. "Moonpie, Pumpkin where are you cats hiding!" #vsscollab #BraveWrite #anhult


Feb 27 Breath in, breath out. Today I meet with the Mayor. Its ok, only an urgent meeting of critical importance. Breath in, breath out. You have been doing this for 28 days, this is just another day. She is bringing the components for you to use, all good #vsscollab #BraveWrite #anhult


Feb 28 3 sprigs of Rosemary, paste of Honey and Woundwort, a bunch of scary components from the Mayor. I didn't want to ask so in the pot they went. Something about cognitive vitality. Once it reduced, I filled the mold. She said, "Excellent work Hanna." #vsscollab #BraveWrite #anhult


Friends Assemble

Mar 17 Sparks flew as the blacksmith hit the metal. From the side Traut reached the end of his patience. "Kerna, its a horseshoe. Its dragged in mud. The pub at the Red Lion Inn is open, we got to get our spot!" #vss365 #tavernchallenge #worldanvil

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Mar 18 "Kerna, what kind of beer is always served in a bucket?"


Kerna groaned, "This is going to be another pun isn't it."


Traut continued undeterred, "Pail Ale! Haha. Get it Kerna? Get it? P-a-i-l".


"Ha. Ha. You're a joker Traut," Kerna croaked. Her voice full of sarcasm. #vss365 #tavernchallenge #worldanvil


Mar 23 "Hey, Autumn!" Traut greeted another of his drinking buddies as he and Kerna approached the inn.


Half his size but a blaze of noise, Autumn belted "Traut, my belly's rumbling!"


They both laughed. Autumn Rumble and Traut found that hilarious every time. Kerna sighed. #vss365 #tavernchallenge #worldanvil


Mar 24 Kerna, Traut and Autumn sat at their favorite table by the window in the pub. Autumn belted out a song.


There ain't no gin
It won't do no good to plead
But it's still a win
Cause this place has the best mead!


Kerna looked at the server "I know, I choose this every day." #vss365 #tavernchallenge #worldanvil


Working at the Inn

Mar 16 "Mom should I pick some of these purple flowers for a garnish?"


Eliza grimaced, "No Ivy, that would be the wrong symbol for the tavern. It is poisonous. We'll take the Larkspur to show at the rally." #vssCollab #bravewrite #worldanvil #tavernchallenge

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Mar 17Ivy stepped away from the Larkspur. A sparkle of dew in the grass caught her eye. "Mom, I found a shamrock."


Eliza kept pulling weeds, "What will you wish for Acushla?"


"Perhaps to be a jack-of-trades like Yerik. Or a famous bard like Ranon!" #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 18 Eliza stood, "That is a lot for a little talisman like a shamrock, Ivy. Dreams take work not pithy wishes. People aren't nice out in the world, wait until you are heckled."


Ivy's eyes rolled, "No lectures mom, it's too little a talisman for that." #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 19 Eliza paused. She had no need to begrudge a single ounce of her daughter's dreams. She took a deep breath - hiding it as a yawn. She worked up her nerve, "Let's coin that phrase, 'no lectures mom', you're a young woman, don't need me hounding you." #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 20 Ivy had another question. "Mom, do you think the rumors that Ranon's sister is a soothsayer are true?"


"Well, if she is we can't have this Inn looking like a Shebeen. Dance, dance those feet of yours into the kitchen," Eliza joked and prodded. #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 21 Eliza recited a poesy as they entered the kitchen. "Broaden the trees, strengthen our backs, make this a safe place to nap." She knocked on the doorframe.


Ivy smiled at her mom, "Is that enough?"


"You have your dreams give me my superstitions." #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 22 Eliza and Ivy walked into the kitchen.


"Yerik! Out of the berries!" He took a handful. Eliza followed him to the front desk. "Enough of your gallivanting in my kitchen!"


Ivy smiled at him over her mom's shoulder and popped a berry in her mouth. #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 24 "Maybe it was a fluke but I'm the veteran cook here now." Brooke said to Ford as they arrived for the evening shift.


Keeping an eye on Ivy and Yerik, Eliza asked "There have been lots of shenanigans today, what happened?"


"It's been a day. I burned my lunch" #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 25 The evening rush presented itself early at the Red Lion Inn. Ford came running into the kitchen, "Brooke, no salt in old man Jacobs' order." She put her hands on her hips and crossed the kitchen and into common room. "Mr. Jacobs that is garlic not salt." #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 26 "When it rains there is always a rush. Ivy, would you brave the rain with me to get another barrel of ale?" Eliza asked.


"Of course, mom. Let me get my timing down." She flicked her fingers to extend a magical barrier, now an umbrella. "Ok, let's go!" #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 27 Yerik replied to the guest "No, you shouldn't need to bless the letter to send it with the caravan. Charlie here hasn't lost a wagon for years"


Charlie added, "My passengers gotta tie down their own gear. I'll keep this letter right in my vest pocket" pat-pat #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 28 The Red Lion Inn got busier, the place to be on a rainy night. Brooke added rabbit, veggies, and spices to a new caldron. She tapped the large metal pot at the 12-6-3-9 positions and whispered kindly to the brew.


Eliza came in with more ale "Smells so good!" #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 29 Yerik insisted. "Charlie, before you drive through this storm, have a bowl of soup."


Charlie nodded and sat. Yerik returned in a few minutes. "I almost forgot. Eliza made leather gloves with open fingers for the caravan drivers."


"Best hospitality, Yerik." #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 30 One more to catch up. Wait staff were busy with tables all night. Ivy slipped ahead of Ford with a smile, getting the last order. A moment to breath, Ford listened to the fireplace crackle and outside the storm blow like a train of wagons racing on cobblestone #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Mar 31 The guests raved about their visit as the evening faded into night. The tavern, no longer open, held a few lingering guests. Yerik encouraged the staff to head home. The innkeeper lived at the inn. He did not mind time to wind down before heading to his room. #vssCollab #bravewrite #vssflex #worldanvil #tavernchallenge


Trinkets Table

Apr 19 My one-shot adventure Race to the Ruins for WorldAnvil and roll20app's #AdventureApril needs rollable tables! Going to tweet about trinkets and artifacts using #vssCollab prompts as inspiration (see thread). Let's see what I can unearth... #ttrpg #dnd

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Apr 19 History Book - A flag with gold and blue adorns the cover. Recounts the notorious insurgency against the empire.


Crystal Paperweight - Dewdrop shaped glass with a heavy stone embedded. The bane of spiders, several fossilized remains on the bottom #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 20 Almanac - Semi-religious illuminated scroll detailing the growth season with ways to beseech the sun god


Travel Guide - Well used book with hiking and waterfall locations. Hidden behind bookkeeping ledgers, perhaps to feed a craving to be outside #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 21 Trophy - Service award to someone named Telli Tatl for "10 years of beautiful gardening and landscaping work" at a royal palace


Bag of Stones - Bag of hardened candy left sitting far too long. "Jellybean" is embroidered in gold on the bag. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 22 Dice - A set of cold metal 20-sided dice that fit into a rack. An ancient way to keep track of the date.


18inch Statue - This otherworldly stone carved statue of an unknown woman has eyelids that blink and eyes that follow you around the room. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 23 Iron Rod - A hardened piece of cold metal with 16 notches and a long bevel. It seems like a part for mill.


4 Inch Disk - This flat, white stone glows slightly at eventide, creating a 5 foot radius of otherworldly dim light, until the morningtide #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 24 Glass Ball - 8 inch diameter, handblown ball with a hollow core. Contains a liquid with dyes that do not mix and look like gold rivers.


Shelf - Collapsible scroll shelf set like a section of honeycomb with 4 rows of beautiful hexagonal slots. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 25 Fulgurites - Collection of glass tubes showcasing the beauty of storms when lightning strikes sand molds


Manual - User guide about how to reload a fuel chamber with a biodegradable mix. Doesn't match any known species. Warning: avoid cold start. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 26 Pots - Two clay pots that fit inside each other with a layer of fine gravel between them. The inner pot is cold.


Religious Texts - A row of the same book stacked together. Copies of an original with edits to recycle old beliefs. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 27 Dragon Figurine - Otherworldly design of a true to scale dragon. The legs are posable and the wings flap, although it can't fly.


Collection of Vials - A set of clear vials with rubber stoppers. An opened vial lets off the scent of a spring rain #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 28 Messenger Bag - Empty antique leather case with a strap that functions like a backpack. The leathercraft being the riches vs its contents


Large Vase - Elegant pottery with depictions of solar art. Its beauty remains but its purpose, lost to time #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 29 Measuring Spoons - lovely set of hand worked silvered spoons with 4 different portion sizes


Seed, Spores, and Flore - guide with much affection to drying and reusing a variety of garden produce and waste. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Apr 30 Landscape Painting - View of a warrior standing outside on a treeless hill, looking over his domain.


Golden Brazier - Ceremonial bowel to burn incense. The fuel that once fed this summoning device now compost stuck to its walls. #vssCollab #bravewrite #inkmine


Waking Forest

May 5 Pervasive in every thought, "I have a name." Racing furiously through the forest like a mainframe burning through calculations. The chipmunk porpoised from tree to tree. It chirped to the whispers rustling the leaves, "I'm Daisy." #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature

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May 6 Into the violets Daisy dove. But this was not a game! Being eaten by a cat would have been such a shame. It took backbone to pass that carnivore. Darting across limestone on the forest floor. Her safety found, dug under garlic cloves. #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature


May 8 Daisy followed the whispers to the Matriarch, "I hope Iris didn't give you too much trouble." Daisy snacked on samphire and millet. The satin fur of the brown and grey tabby cat bristled at the far end of the table. "Settle down Iris." #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature


May 9 Daisy's cheeks filled with a mash of treats. They were too full as the Matriarch handed her a toothpick. Daisy blushed, another gift! It wrapped around her arm like a snail shell's spiral. "It will keep you safe, my tiny friend." #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature


May 10 "You have to imagine how scary the world is for a little chipmunk." Lavani held Iris, "the peonies by the Inn are her Sanctuary. Don't jump in after her. We have other things to chase, like the wormholes behind doors." Iris purred. #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature


May 12 During the council meeting, Daisy slipped up the tree. Lavani spoke, "Clear communication and consent matter when gathering eggs." Rolph rolled his eyes "It's a bunch of hens and a cock." Daisy shook her head, people had no respect for body autonomy #vssCollab #inkMine #vssnature


May 13 Daisy raced across the dirt. Paws pressed against a leg of the market stand. She didn't know what the hanger across the top said but they had berries! Balanced stealthily she jammed 5 berries in her mouth then raced off, a cat arrived. #vssCollab #BraveWrite #inkMine #vssnature


May 14 The breeze blew furious as the broom whizzed past Daisy. She had thought snacks were free! It seems she needed to be more considerate of everyone's stash. She would have to discuss with her Matriarch. For now, it was necessary to be an ace acrobat. #vssCollab #inkMine #vssnature


May 15 Generosity should not be assumed. Daisy would reflect on that. She raced wild to her next task. Guide a family of skunks to a new home. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Smack


A potion of doom when sprayed
Oh the smell, cry, writhe


#vssCollab #inkMine #vssnature #vss365 #vssmagic


The Storyteller

June 1 Hmm. There was a pause in deposits, enough time for eyes to settle on the setting around the tree. Hmm. The outer rim of buttercups must be remembering something sad. The petals drooped, and leaves shriveled. Urm-ra, gentle energy filled the leaves. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature

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Jun 2 You could almost hear their elated cheers as the buttercups blossomed. But, there's a limit to the range of a renegade. A man approached looking sour upon the flowers. A growl like a jaguar broke the spell. "This is no place for flowers" #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 3 From an untamed, gruff introduction, the man glided into a silk-lined story that would bewilder any listener. Fitting her station, the recipient said, "Thank you for your deposit. Filing made under political fiction by depositor name." #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 4 The diaristic tone of the librarian was too much for the man to bare. The cavernous building echoed his tirade. How dare she misfile his story. Her reply was haiku.


Dishonest words block
a felicitous journey.
Cannot convey truth.


Jun 5 This man was a dangerous raconteur. His fictional story told as truth would drive division. A librarian was to be empty and handle deposits—but he detected her bite.


In a world of fish
A spark of independence
Inspired the seahorse


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 6 The embers of tumult in his eyes, she repeated her prompt. He squirmed like a clam grabbed by a starfish. "Thank you for your deposit. Filing made under political fiction by depositor name." He stepped away, brushing past the buttercups. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 7 Outside, the clover quaked. A cloud settled over what had been a sunny day. But everyone was inside. Guards approached. How do you know if you delved into something dangerous before it is too late? #tuesdayfiction #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite Storyteller's Home


Jun 8 The librarian verified deposits. Bits and bobs of memories flung through her mind. Was there a mistake? No, his story contradicted too many. Her sense of nostalgia hid no bias. She settled the review with a howl. How was he Governor? #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 9 On the verge of untangling the plot the librarian could not hide her thoughts. Clouds gathered overhead. Her hair darkened. She paced. "Kibber! When did you get here?" She had phubbed him. "I need elderflowers would you get some for me?" #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 10 The skylarks hung outside- their song on the verge of a cacophony, swirling across the sky. Reflection of a system disrupted. Not having all the information was disconcerting. The librarian had believed she was a plenary repository. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 11 The man's story had a shiny surface- golden but ice filled his approach. Darkness claims leadership like that. His aggression and disdain left her thoughts pell-mell


Pyrite goads glory
Proclaiming the golden one
But it is a trick


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 12 The viridian growth around her alcove stood out among the trees of knowledge. The next alcove seemed distant and lifeless in comparison. Its librarian huddled by its tree.


She had become one
A guinea pig, a target
When did that happen


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 13 Her home seemed unpleasant and oppressive. The miasma swirled like a hex around her. Where was her friend? He had run out for an errand. His dogged determination was a welcome guiding light. Perhaps he would have a story when he returned #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 14 A galaxy of stories- some rib-tickling funny, others a swamp of decay- could not match the nostalgia she felt for her friend's every-day stories. She could not leave the library. Where was he? #TuesdayFiction #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite Storyteller's Dilemma


Jun 15 Tending to the garden passed the time while I waited for a friend. The bees' visits became routine as days passed. The neighbors seemed rankled at every request. I concluded they were crass camels and my buttercups were better company. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 16 More days passed, thinking back doesn't produce a feeling of nostalgia but a sense of anoesis- pure emotion. I had realized something, then there was fight or flight. I don't remember making a choice. Is this an oasis or was I abducted? #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 17 The aurorean sky reminded me of beryl. Emerald and aquamarine streaks stacked upon one another. The orb of the sun never fully reached the horizon. That seemed out of place, but confirmation remained whelved deep in my mind- out of touch #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 18 The air had been getting cooler. Seasonal thoughts... Interrupted out of another yonderly stare by a pretty visitor. He brought cut flowers again. What was his name?


His ring ice covered
Unknown sign yet familiar
His flowers compost


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 19 Glain, that's it. Pretty, but easy to miss with his long title. He repeated Archduke Glarain was his stepfather. Then, he went on about power over clouds as his legacy.


His words dense vapors
A stale and cold miasma
unpleasant exhaust


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 20 The alien sky spelled doom for the dog days of summer. Clouds had brought much rain and cool weather. The mint along the path, now lived underwater. The season was going backwards. I will need an Abditory for my garden at this rate. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #bravewrite


Jun 21 Another visit from Glain, "Look, frozen dew! Isn't it midsummer?" His pleasant reply hid disdain. "And the pond will soon need a port!" He spoke of a quean and left. I need to take action myself. #TuesdayFiction #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite Storyteller's Discovery


Jun 22 Friends, I am Glain of the Noble House of Glirain and we need to take action. That Storyteller will never give up the light stolen from you. The eutony being performed on our space can not complete with her clogging up the kinetic flow! #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 23 The venerable, old library is a fossil. It is an arm of the queen only for nobles! Plus, look at the mix of maroon and cherry bruises on the guards caused by the Storytellers. If I, Glain, remove the library for you, what will you offer? #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 24 Let's travel again! I, Glain will make that happen. Your debts and obligations will be released from the queen and nobles. You simply need to use this quill- made from the loveliest stork feather- make your mark, and turn them over to me #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 25 They trap you in a haze. You feel helpless. A satellite slipping past, always reaching. I, Glain will change the rules. Sign today.


Remove Storytellers,
remove your debts,
return to the old ways!


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 26 Yes, sign here. Your old debts are null and void. When those in charge do not act, they default on their social contract. Its words gain plasticity, and their descent begins.


Crushed basil assaults
An ether-filled aroma
Become my army


#vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 27 I charmed every merchant, commoner, misfit, and runt in the city. All entered my orbit. Each had a job, a deadline approached. A cold front approached. It hit warm air from Summer. Ozone released as lightning struck. Hold storm, not yet. #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite


Jun 28 I, Glain, have promised- we will adopt a new path. Our flight will bring strength, you will be the envy of all. Soon those that stifled you will be in a tailspin, slipping in the guano they spread. #tuesdayfiction #vsscollab #inkmine #vssnature #BraveWrite Glain's Story


Kibber's Recollections

Jul 5 Oh no, we don't sell anything you hunt at my parents' market stand. We make things like potato pancakes, babka, and cheesecake tarts. My parents have the best secret recipes, adds a touch of magic! *wink* I wish they would let me use magic for peeling potatoes. #vsscollab #vss365

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Jul 6 My dad had one of those voices, that would stop you in your tracks. I have a vibrant market stand memory, an image of a young boy trying to snatch some egg bread. Frozen in time, as my dad retrieves it, wraps it, hands it back to the boy, then lets him go. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 7 Most days, I hop in the large pot once it is cleaned and dry. Dad sighs. Mom says "I'll clean it in the morning. Let him have this little joy." I'm lucky. I always get to sleep in the pot too. I guess the market stand is our house, center of the universe. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 8 My friend, Deere, loves to play make-believe. We set off to carpet the lane between our family's shops with the big leaves from crates. Every stand on the main street donated to the cause, except Lapin Deliveries. They package with magic, required by the nobles #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 13 It's ok to be inquisitive. Pyla and Deere are my girlfriends and found family. It's a rare day we don't spend time together. With three sets of parents, we can always count on a meal somewhere. That's needed. Pyla has another boyfriend, polyandry happens too. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 16 It seems like a random maze, but my city has an elaborate design. Look on the map, the diamonds always follow a circle. Then two alleys connect you to the next neighborhood. They say that beauty and perception override addressing any practical concerns. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 17 All the market stands have a post for scents. Sure, a first-time customer might pass. But, if they planned to be back or were a regular, the post would get a cheek rub. You would be considered an animal and untrustworthy if you didn't take time to bond. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 18 I always have to work in the back of the stand chopping vegetables- my poor tired arms! But, my parents say they don't want me making deals. I could do it. I know if a noble says they want to make a partial payment, they want you to pay partially. Just say no. #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 24 Ooo! Another little family secret, but keep it quiet. My dad has a monocle that magnifies what he gazes upon. That's why we don't run out of stew. He triples it! He says it will be mine when I run the market stand. I have to say, I'm kind of excited about that #vsscollab #vss365


Jul 25 We don't share our real names. of course. When we are "coming of age", "entering adulthood" we get to pick a name. I stuck with my nickname because it fits. I don't see how I could move out on my own anyway. You're looking at eternal debt to rent or buy a place #vsscollab #vss365


Unraveling Peace

Sep 19 Walking from the barn provoked a feeling of affection. The sounds of goats and smell of fresh straw led to a worn path by the smoking shed. The Walnut flavors oozed from the wood slats up to the shop door. Rolph sighed. Never enough time to explore that. #vsscollab #366FF

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Sep 19 Building good rapport with the staff took time and care. "James! What are you doing to that piece of meat!" Rolph's first sentence was always an exclamation. However, he worked slow and spoke calm on the proper way to prepare the cut. "Take it from here, James." #vsscollab #366FF

Sep 19 The butcher shop was right off the village square. Open the front door, step out, and someone would be starting a conversation. The prime location offered an intimacy that pulled heavy on Rolph's heart. He worked for this village, he bled for it. It was his home #vssCollab #366FF

Sep 20 "Haral! Big man! Come on in. How is it possible that I get to see you two days in a row?" Rolph did shout every first sentence. And kept working. Haral presented a perfect alliance of stout and strong, a proper fit as a blacksmith. "Aye, Rolph. I got a purpose." #vsscollab #366FF

Sep 20 The Jenkins arrived for their order. "Haral, hold on a minute." Rolph hurried around the shop to finish wrapping their meats. "Did Liam like the map?" Rolph asked his customers. "Oh yes, it even squeezed some cooperation out of the brothers while they played." #vsscollab #366FF

Sep 20 "Rolph, I'm your friend. I would not guide you wrong." Rolph knew where Haral's words were heading. "Haral, let me stop you there. I'll heal on my own. I'm not taking any magic potions, poultices, or poetry. No offense to the Mayor, it's a compatibility issue." #vsscollab #366FF

Sep 21 The shop got quiet after lunch. As the momentum of customers slowed, so did Rolph's affinity for pushing through the pain. "James, I'm going to take a stint on the back porch. Keep the orders moving." Rolph pointed out four more tasks before heading out the door #vsscollab #366FF

Sep 21 Rolph grunted as he sat. He looked over the gash on his leg. It oozed. The stitches held, it just had to bond. He tightened the bandage while he wrapped it. The troll got worse. Through his bravado Haral's warning echoed in his head "Don't ignore mental effects" #vsscollab #366ff

Sep 21 It was time to go back into the shop. Rolph didn't have the energy to move from the bench yet. Raiding a dungeon was never a goal. Not much he could do when the dungeon came to him, except stand together with his friends. He closed his eyes for a moment. Breathe #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 22 Rolph's quests, before the troll, had been tending the goats and shop. Managing the goat herd got dropped on him when he arrived. He figured he should be considerate of what the town needed. But, the original plan had no goats. Well, he knew how to say no now. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 22 Dozing off on the porch led to a chase scene. The goats raced after him across a field. Rolph shook his hand at them. He must have been yelling in his sleep. The mayor's voice startled him and stopped the race in his mind. Gentle benevolence carried on her voice #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 22 "Don't ferret around my mind!" Rolph forgot to be cordial. The mayor replied with peace, "I will not do that. You were calling out. I came to check on you." The pain in Rolph's leg returned after that short adrenaline boost wore off. "I'm going back to work." #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 23 "James! All the orders are done!" Rolph beamed as he clapped his apprentice's back. James found words, "Sir, I did it cause you need help too. We've been through a lot." Rolph sighed, you can't hire simpatico help. That is built. The kid had his struggles too. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 23 Customers poured into the shop. Four orders picked up one after another. With the last one Rolph stepped out to scan the street. His community was special and felt so fragile. The Mayor proposed a sodality to protect it. He didn't believe that could succeed. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 23 Yelsin stepped under the porch while Rolph scanned the landscape. The clothier didn't mince words, "Councilman, see you at the meeting tonight?" Rolph didn't answer. Yelsin stood in solidarity with his friend. The two watched the rain and time wash by. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 26 Yelsin stood long enough that Rolph spoke, "You know Antum said I would be mayor." Yelsin gave a playful reply, "You have to admit she put a nice shine on the town, current downpour excluded." His extended hand collected rain, "although, I bet she could change that." #vssCollab

Sep 26 "That scares me." He spoke softly, "and I put in my time." Rolph's hopes couldn't plummet more. Yelsin's lips opened, then he adjusted his vest. He leaned back. He took a deep breath. Rolph noticed the measured unity of his friend's body and approaching words. #vssCollab #366ff


Sep 26 A younger Yelsin repaired the clothing of princes and advised many. Rolph realized how much his friend had smashed his own biases. Yelsin's story spoke of setting aside fear and ego. Rolph listened, but his own reflections came to the same conclusion in unison. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 26 "Rolph!" In the rain Ray Haverstein coaxed a goat forward through the town square. "Rolph, sorry. I hope you have time to take a look at Butter." Rolph would not have declined, "Bring her to the barn." Yelsin nodded to Rolph, "I'll see you later councilman." #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 27 The de facto veterinarian traversed the yard to the barn with a limp. The informal concord kept Rolph busy, but in touch with the community. At the end of the day, he understood that was why he needed to be on the council. And, why his friends pushed for it. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 27 As Rolph examined the goat, he could see Ray Haverstein's concern and the esteem the man held for him. Rolph recognized it was wrong to presume the new Mayor took something from him. He still had what he feared was taken. Now, what was this wound on the goat? #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 27 The wound had ice in it. Rolph was about to ask where it came from when the new mayor stepped into the barn. "May I help?" she asked. Rolph nodded. Her hands beamed with warmth as she extracted a thin icy spike. The wound closed and knitted itself together. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 28 The familiar triage formula vanished, replaced by otherworldly magic. The goat healed in minutes. It leapt to its feet and bleated. Mr Haverstein looked at his goat with fear. Rolph spoke calmly, "Butter's ready, as good as new. We'll investigate that spike." #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 28 "What is that spike?" Rolph asked. The new mayor replied "Ice pixies!" Rolph struggled to imagine the changes to his community, "What?" The spike melted in the mayor's hand, "We need a united front. Partners to face the challenges coming, but speak your mind." #vsscollab #366ff

Sep 28 This foray into the unknown had him unbalanced. The mayor rose and stepped toward the door. She turned, "I hope for your friendship. United means we stand together, not that we must agree. I promise to protect this community and forest. I know you will too." #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 29 From the barn, Rolph wandered across town. The evening was calm and cool after the rain. Workers swept wet wagon beds in preparation to ship flax. Rolph felt an overflowing gratitude for his home. He thanked each of the caravan workers as passed on his walk. #vssCollab #366ff

Sep 29 A couple exited the dry goods store with a full pack. Kade, the carpenter, returned home and pet his cat on the way in the door. A group of children ran up the street. Their passage reminded Rolph his fears, worries, and complaints weren't all that relevant. Relief. #vssCollab

Sep 29 The shift in Rolph's outlook mirrored his turn toward the town square. He headed for the council meeting. As he passed the blacksmith shop, Haral waved with his hammer. A broad smile confirmed that Rolph kept his integrity. He needed to give the new mayor a shot. #vssCollab #366ff


Sep 30 Was it fate that Rolph approached the town hall from the direction of the typical townsperson instead of from his shop? He remembered Yelsin telling him on that porch to look from the outside in. It dawned on Rolph this meeting was about the town not a winning debate #vssCollab

Oct 1 Drinks, a pile of scrolls, and a cat filled the open air meeting room's table. The cat lifted its head at Rolph's arrival. Yelsin chatted with another councilperson. Rolph sat, awaiting the others. The cat stretched over to his lap, he had made it to his destination #vssCollab


May and Grandma

Oct 1 The harvest bounty can't come at a better time. Just as gardens threaten to grow out of control, autumnal cool moves in. None happier after a busy summer than the young workers conscripted for their community. Walking home, May messaged her grandma, each day. #vsscollab #vssmagic

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Oct 2 Heyo Grandma, on my way. Talking to this stone is the highlight of the day. That exciting of a day? Unfortunately, yes. Did it work?   Yes, I'm here. Bring a bunch of lemongrass. You can adumbrate about the action while we brew tea. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 3 Heyo Grandma, it's May. The mayor came today. She gave me a piece of amber. On my way.   Great dear! Bring a bale of straw. Strap it to your back or use your head. Need it for the chickens. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 4 Heyo Grandma, I stopped to play. Now there are ominous flickers in the forest. I got a stick. On my way.   I'm bringing the wagon. Keep walking. I'm coming to you. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 5 Heyo Grandma, had a heap of work today. Got dinner at the tavern. Jason's walking with me, on my way.   He's a good boy. Not too much daydreaming. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 6 Heyo Grandma, Not much to say. I am tired. I picked up an old goblet. I'm gathering a bouquet.   Keep your pace brisk girl. I got the tea brewing. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 7 Heyo Grandma, sorry for the delay. I met a new friend, Airy. She can make a rumble of thunder. It's like thaumaturgy!   I'm glad you got to do more than just work. Notice the frost on the ground. Move those feet and stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 8 Heyo Grandma, frost sprite raced through the field today! Pumpkin caught it, such a good cat! They sent him with me. Plus, I got hay.   Oh my May! Please be careful. I'll get out some of the fish we got from the festival. Pumpkin deserves a treat.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 9 Heyo Grandma, I am a beautiful sunny ray. Airy turned my hair rainbow colors. I didn't stay long, she had cake. It was her birthday.   You are sunshine May! This will be a site to see. I'll still say you look nice with dark hair. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 10 Heyo Grandma, I did an orchard survey. That was better than scutching the flax. Also, do I know how to knit or crochet?   It's crochet dear. Sounds like a good day. I'll put some tea on, stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 11 Heyo Grandma, I'm dismayed. Do mermaids hold their breath above water? Arie's friend Will says they breath air too. Is he leading me astray?   Stories I've heard don't say. However, I think Will may be right. Sorry, don't worry about it May. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 12 Grandma! The fog is hiding the fey. The mayor said to activate our ward of protection. Hurry, hurry. Message me when you are okay.   It's done May. This is such a saga. You stay there until it is safe!   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 13 Grandma! Arie has a duvey. I'm staying with her tonight. I'm safe. There was a stranger in town. The mayor made him go away.   That is ominous. The air seems extra crisp tonight. I have extra logs on the fire. Wards are up and running. Be safe May.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 14 Heyo Grandma! No work today. Did you hear the drums last night? The mayor set that stranger straight. I'll be strolling home without delay.   May, we are blessed. She possesses orenda. The whole forest woke at her call last night. It will be good to see you.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 15 Heyo Grandma, cloudy all day. The fields seemed somber. It didn't help gathering flax bundles was my job. Do you know how much they weigh!   Think of the stories you will be able to tell your grandchildren. I'll get the tea started.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 16 "Heyo Grandma, it's me May. Aire, it is working?" "Should be, keep talking" "I lost my stone South of town where they are reaping hay."   "It is pleasing you didn't hide the accident. This is serious business. I'll look for it and pick you up."   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 17 Heyo Grandma, we are having a soiree! The first linen is ready. It's delicate and gossamer. I got samples. I won't be long. okay?   How fun, a mini-festival! Enjoy your evening May. Start home before dark and stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 18 Heyo Grandma, Don't inveigh, I'm not delirious. There was a little chipmunk that had the whole market in disarray!   Ok, I worry. I bet that chipmunk was bobbing and weaving! Your new blouse is done. Try it on for me when you get home.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 19 Oh Grandma, numinous is the word today. The mayor had me help in her garden. She asked the weeds to move and they slid away!   How amazing! We need that for our garden. Well, I can at least brew up some toasty tea. That'll be our witching for the evening.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 20 Heyo Grandma. The mayor was out, so I didn't stay. The lunar position required a ceremony or something. I'll talk to her another day.   Ok. Don't let another day pass tomorrow. That amber she gave you was like a flame after you moved the weeds last night.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 21 Heyo Grandma. I got mushroom infused clay! Mayor's still busy. I stopped at the magic shop where one of Arie's moms works. She's investigating okay?   Ok May, good thinking. That amber glistened like a bonfire. Hurry home when you are done. Stay on the road.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 22 Heyo Grandma. The clouds sure are grey. I'm getting my boots repaired like you asked. Yelsin said I've grown! He is stretching them. I might be delayed.   Get them cozy. It's better to have him fix them instead of us improvising. Hope it doesn't rain on you.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 23 Heyo Grandma. I chopped veggies for the café. Harvest is almost done and Freda needed help. She said Amber's protective and shines light on darkness.   That's good to know. There are too many bogeymen in the world. Keep it with you then and stay on the road   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 24 Heyo Grandma. Apparently, I'm cliché. Tom got up on the wrong side of the bed. Will was pining over Arie so I told him there are plenty of fish in the sea.   Haha. Of course that was cliché, but don't listen to their nonsense, speak your mind. See you soon.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 25 Heyo Grandma. I got cinnamon muffins for my birthday! And, I had my maiden voyage on the winged horses! Can't wait to tell you all about it, I'm on my way.   The tea water is steaming. There may be pie. I have the dice game out too. It will be a little party.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 26 Heyo Grandma. I had to ask the supervisor for leeway. A raven took my extra twine. I ran after it and tossed a coin. It took the trade, but I missed the end of day survey.   Oh May, don't run into the woods. Be safe on the way home. Glad you got the twine.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 27 Heyo Grandma. My piece of amber has been glowing in it's sachet. I'm going to stop by to see the mayor. It's a warm luminescence now, vibrating all day.   Ok. It's nearly dusk. Don't delay too long and stay on the road coming home.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 28 Heyo Grandma. We were harvesting corn today. Why to do the scarecrows always leer my way?   They weren't really doing that May. At least they will be taken down soon. I'll get the tea ready.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 29 Heyo Grandma. The Mayor confirmed the hearsay! We get to make a labyrinth in the cornfield. I volunteered to help tomorrow, hope that is ok.   Sure, sure. It is good of you to volunteer. That is a positive impulse. Biscuits with tea today.   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 30 Grandma! The last corn maze meander didn't line up right. I was so mad- I didn't add up the steps. Then the corn stalks moved to help! The mayor saw it. She wants us to meet at the druid circle tomorrow night.   I knew something was up. I vow to be there!   #vsscollab #vssmagic


Oct 31 Hurry Grandma! The moon will line up soon with the rock archway. The mayor says the planet, that's what we are on, will reveal secrets this way.   These old legs are slow May, but I'm on the path now. I'll be there any minute. I can see the bonfire now.   #vsscollab #vssmagic

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