Theme: Impacts of Neurodiversity and Mental Illness

Theme Explorations

This theme explores the sociological impacts of guilt and shame based societies.  

Neurodiversity and Mental Illness in Zihæt

This theme explores and tries to give voice to different forms of neurodiversity, as well as living with biologically based mental condition or mental illness. We will not be addressing coping with acquired or induced mental conditions, except perhaps in relation to abuse and dehumanising.   In the campaign we hope to explore:
  • Realistic expressions of the outward symptoms and inner feelings of characters with these traits.
  • We likely will touch on the the stigma of "he or she just isn't trying hard enough".
  • The "othering" that these characters experience (tightly related to Discrimination, Abuse and dehumanising and Religious violence
Several participants in the Akadimía campaign have been impacted by forms of mental illness, so we will be walking a tight line between supportive and triggering.  


Note: these sources have not been reviewed for appropriateness, validity and supporting evidence.
  1. How to Treat Mentally Ill Characters When Writing a Novel (Writers Digest, 7 June 2017, Sonja Yoerg)
  2. Mental Disorder or Neurodiversity? (The New Atlantis
  3. Other autobiographic sources specific to the condition in question - to be added
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