An enduring civilization spanning thousands of years, challenges are more often of internal politics and succession than external wars. The empire is one of the few remaining civilizations from before the time of darkness, isolated by its presence on the far western continent.   The citizens of the empire of the stars consider this as an era of peace. Strong enough to avoid conflict with most nations, with a strong sense of duty to the gods, the empire of the stars is a complex entity with the bureaucracy that mirrors ruling the country's pantheon.   The country is dominated by a variety of humanoid cultures, such as the Leonin, Minotaur and Elves. A smaller group of Humans descended from the Persópoulos Tribe are also present.   The current imperial family is based on adoption, not birth. Adoption is generally based on capability, merit or service. Upon adoption into the imperial household, new members must renounce their prior ties and pledge allegiance only to the imperial family and the empire. Succession is by designation, not by birth and can be changed based on competency and behavior. Disloyalty is a capital offense. This arrangement has led to stabilty over several millenia.   All ethnicities can be found within the ruling house. Intermarriage amongst the house is common, and on rarer occasions a potential spouse has been adopted to facilitate a marriage. Birth does not guarantee membership into the house. Descendants by birth are considered part of the household until they come of age. Once they come of age, they must be formally adopted back into the royal household or find their fortunes outside.   Those of pure elven descent maintain a tumultuous relationship with their extended kin in the empire of Venúék.

Nûpláf yawírór (Watch with awareness)

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Empire of the Stars
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