Setting Themes


The world of Zihæt allows for the exploration of several themes that are often difficult to address in "real world" situations due to complex interactions and deep-seated bias.   Many of these themes intersect and are challenging to examine individually. This article attempts to provide a general framework for exploring these themes.   Each theme summary provides links to background materials. Each theme summary also identifies other Akadimía articles that contain stories (prose), characters, and other set pieces related to the theme.

Age Appropriate

Along with the shared storytellers, I designed Akadimía for players/readers in age ranges from late teenage years to adult.  

Explicit Consent

We assume a model of explicit consent. For RPGs, Gamemasters must ensure players/readers are aware that these issues will be explored and have agreed to participate in such a setting.
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Theme Summaries

Forms of government, including direct democracy via city-states, tribal (clan-based), feudal and imperial

Oligarchy and persistent material inequality

Slavery and human rights

Discrimination, particularly misogyny and homophobia

Abuse and dehumanizing behaviors

Impacts of Neurodiversity and Mental Illness, particularly those with a biological basis

Religious violence, demonization, and "othering."

Afterlife and its impacts on the living

Syncretism in religion and culture

Shame versus Guilt Based Societies competing in the formation of new cultures


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