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I once heard a member of the Council laugh when we asked the origin of the title Oracle. She replied with a smile, "It infuriates Kassandra."
— Fýlakas Candidate
  The leader of the Order of Akadimía is known as the Oracle. She ensures the Order fulfills the mission entrusted by Kassandra.


The qualifications for the Oracle include:
  • Demonstrated the skill, respect, and network breadth befitting a member of the Council of Fýlakes
  • Bloodline magic
  • Completion of at least one accurate divination or foretelling.


The Oracle is chosen from the Council of Fýlakes randomly. Each Council member is assigned a number from 1-4 based on their tenure on the Council. Each member of the Council rolls the die of fate, an artifact dating back to the Order's founding. The member with the highest number of rolls the most times becomes the next Oracle. If no member receives a majority of the rolls, the process repeats until a new Oracle is selected.


The Oracle is duty-bound to see the mission of the Order fulfilled. She monitors the intelligence gathered by the Fýlakes and looks for signs of the Morningstar's resurgence. Only the Oracle knows the full mission of the Order.


The Oracle leads the Council of Fýlakes and ensures the continuity of the organization is secure. She monitors the senior fýlakes for trustworthiness and ensures their identity remain undiscovered, even to others within the organization.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Oracle leads an organization that has tremendous influence over the world. The Order, to fulfill its goals, hides its existence from the common folk. Only a select few world leaders even know the name of the organization. So despite wielding influence equivalent to the leader of any of Zihæt's tribes, city-states, or nations, the holder of the title remains hidden from the world.


The origin of the title is lost to legend. The Fylakés maintain a religious order awarded the title to speakers of prophecy in a world before Zihæt. Indeed, the title is similar to the Primordial verb "to speak" and may refer to the office uttering truths.   The Oracle is always a female Fýlakas. The reasons are unclear, as the role is chosen by chance.

Cultural Significance

The title is known only within the Order and a select group of senior political and religious leaders outside the Order. The Order's network reveres the Oracle as a leader and speaker of truth.

Notable Holders

The first holder of the title was Kassandra, who accompanied the younger races to Zihæt. Legends hold that Kassandra possessed the gift of true prophecy.   Dorothea Logopolous founded Drákonian Akadimía both as a pretense for her Order activities and as a means of pursuing the Order's objectives. She is also the first to continue to hold the office beyond death.
Academic, Honorific
Actively used
Founding of the Order (est. 2700).
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
The Oracle, Speaker of Truth
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Until death or incapacitation
First Holder
Current Holders
Past Holders
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