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Banking society

The largest and most influential of the organized guilds (crime families) within Asteriápolis. The group has deep roots in the slave trade, mercenaries and money lending.   One of its primary businesses is in publishing and the Asteriápolis equivalent of the news industry which uses specially constructed magic devices for low cost duplication and distribution.


Overall Organisation

The banking society is a highly structured and hierarchical group with the afentikó (boss) at the top and symmorías (μέλος συμμορίας, or gang members) at the bottom. This hierarchy resembles a structure similar to the family - the afentikó was often regarded as a surrogate father, and the symmorías as surrogate children.   The afentikó-symmorías relationship is formalized by ceremonial sharing of spirits from a single cup. This ritual is not exclusive to the Peddler's guild, it is also commonly performed in traditional weddings, and other sworn brotherhood relationships.  

Current Organisation

The head afentikó, or Archigós, is suspected to be amember of the great houses, but it has not been proven. It is suspected that they operate with the implicit approval of the archons.   The guild has four underbosses covering legitimate businesses, money lending and racketeering, human trafficking and weapons-trafficking across Asteriápolis and the Drákon League.

Public Agenda

In times of disaster (disease, war, famine) the banking society mobilizes to provide relief services including low cost loans, reconstruction assistance, and labor coordination with the city's archons.   The banking society has no public stance on drug trafficking. Though the group maintains a pro-business outward stance, various members have been charged with market schemes and extortion.


The banking society was one of the first crime organisations to branch out heavily into legitimate businesses, which have become a subsidiary organisation within the banking society.
Illicit, Syndicate
Parent Organization


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