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The Town

The town of WintersGrasp looks like any normal town. Small central building for town business, homes, and area to run around and explore. However, it is also the home of various weapons of questionable power and origin. Being so far from other settlements Ink Heist frequently send various, artifacts, if you will to the town of WintersGrasp for safe keeping. Within one of their neighbouring mountains there are several rooms that serve as a vault, if you will, for these items. Items that can change the tide of a war, should it come to pass.


The town itself is relatively young, around 150 years old.

The Land

Wintersgrasp is one of the morthernmost villages inhabited currently. It is nestled within in The Sentinel Peaks. The location and weather cause the town to have an almost permanent winter.

Notable Locals

Kuro is the Village chief. His family is credited with being one of the founding members of the village. His wife Sothrie and him have one child.

Gala is one of the villages hunters and frequently cooks up a mean pie. His wife Sheele is the villages main smith.

Kuno is the villages healer. She has taken one of the 13 children of the town under her wing to take over when she leaves Wintersgrasp in 40 years.


While Kuro is the village chief the town does fall under the protection of The Heist Corporation. Kuro inherited the position of village chief from his grandmother, by an almost unamious vote of the other residents. Kuro and Sothrie were the only two to oppose the idea.

Criminal Activity

There are no major criminals in the town. And the worst crime committed is generally a child grabbing food out of Gala’s window, or playing with Sheele’s tools. These criminals are always punished with menial labor around the town, which can include, snow shovelling, stoking the furnace at the forge, or traversing out to hunt for food with Gala.


With being so far away from most other towns, Wintersgrasp makes frequent use of magical transportation. That being said residents do occosionally make the five day trek to Snowdrift, the closest town in order to gather gosip from Boulderham or Ulster Heights.
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