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The Welcoming Hare

Purpose / Function

The Welcoming Hare is an Inn and Tavern just inside the eastern gate of Arazar.  



  • Dried Duck and Chestunut Bread with a Tankard of Cider 9 cp
  • Roasted Dragon and Whey Cheese with a glass of Brandy 1 sp
  • Smoked Sausage and Acorn Bread with a tankard of Ale 13 cp
  • Roasted Goose and Blackberry Tart, Glass of Mead 1 sp
  • Braised Boar with Garlic and Olive Pie, Glass of Mead 1 sp
  • Boiled Muytton with Bitter cheese, Tankard of Perry 8 cp
  • Salted Capon and bitter cheese, Tankard of Stout 13 cp


  • Beer 2 cp
  • Ale 4 cp
  • Spiced Ale 7 cp
  • Mead 1 sp
  • Spiced Mead 14 cp
  • Dwarfhead stout 6 gp
  • Fireamber Wine 3 gp
  • Ulek Elixer Liquer 5 gp
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