Monsters of Menait

Bestiary February 2023

This month is all about animals, which I can't say that I'm against. It's definatly something I've been putting off, but now have a reason to build out some of the smaller animals, like the bats of the Dragon-Fire Lands, or some of the other animals that the Anvil may protect in their various sancutuaries. I'll be making use of both Variables and articles for this, depending on how much information I am able to put together for each animal.

Aegimius tiara

Cloud Beast
A beast that has been known to cause many a sky ship to crash. The beast looks like a large white and gey cloud with large cloudlike wings that manipulates weather. It typically lives along the coast between Menait and Roning

Striped Roc
looking like a large eagle, the striped roc has a wingspan of over 20 feet. With distinctive black-and-white striped feathers along its wings and tail, and glittering golden eyes, the Roc is one of the fiercest predators to fly through the Kiadu Wilderness.

Horned Stag
A large stag with thick brown fur. It is easily identifiable with the single large, curved horn that protrudes from its forehead. Its powerful hind legs allow it to leap great distances. According to hunters, when it looks at you with its deep red eyes, they hold you in place, giving it ample opportunity to escape.

a powerful creature with eight legs that lives along the floor of the King Depths off to the coast of the Menait Dynasty. Most known for the electric shock it uses to protect itself from predators. The shock is powerful enough to shock even the largest creatures, allowing the Shellshocker to escape to safety. Both the creature's shell and the electroshock system are highly valuable in the Menait Dynasty.


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Kiadu Karoo
a colorful bird-like creature with a distinctive call that has a habit of gathering in large flocks. It has a crest of feathers on its head that it can raise and lower to signal to other members of its flock. The Karoo's feathers are said to appear in a rainbow of colors, the more colorful the older the creature.

Sand Strider
a creature with long spindly legs that allows for easy passage along the beaches at night. The creature has a large, bulbous body and eyes that are highly sensitive to light. The Strider is a solitary predator that is said to suck the life out of individuals, leaving them drained, weak, and easy prey for other creatures along the shores.

a magnificent bird that is said to have vibrant shimmering feathers that range from gold to fiery red. Stories say it has the ability to spontaneously burst into flames and then be reborn from it's own ashes, as such it is said to have a remarkably long lifespan. Stories have been passed down for generations in the Dynasty, so it's existance is still the subject of much debate.

Bloodthirsty Bramble
a creature that disguises itself as a plant. The Bloodthirsty bramble uses its thorny tendrils to ensnare its pray, injecting them with a toxic sap. The brambles move at night, allowing them to lie in wait for unsuspecting prey during the day. As soon as prey has been ensnared the brambles slowly drain the blood and life-force, leaving behind nothing more then a withered husk. While highly dangerous, skilled alchemists can use the toxins in various anti-toxins.

Amber Wyrm
a monstrous mix between a dragon and an insect, this wyrm moves through the Kiadu Wilderness encasing other beings in amber. Few have encountered this creature and escaped to tell the tale, making it more myth than reality.

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Monstrous and Danger
a cross between a ghost and a vampire. It has a pale, translucent body, glowing eyes and sharp claws. Wraiths are created with dark magic, but have no magical abilities of their own. They rely on their stregth and speed to attack their prey.

Feline Spinx
a creature living in the large forest on the second step of the Dragon Fire Lands. It has the head of a lion and the body of a human and uses its purr to help defend itself against those that would hunt it.

The Stone Giants on the Northwestern part of the Dynasty claim that within the deepest reaches of the Serene Caverns, this massive bear-like creature is found. Pictures drawn by the giant show the beast have thick fur with colors varying from dark brown to black, and powerful jaws equipped with razor-sharp teeth. The giants, and many in the Dynasty consider this creature a symbol of strength and power.

Fire Banshee
Flying high above the Dragon Fire Lands, the Fire Banshee possesses the body of a gigantic bird, with a wingspan of over 10 feet. The red and black feathers allow for easy concealment when the Banshee lands, giving it an advantage over predators. It is most notable for the piercing shriek that can be heard for miles and immobilize its prey.

Shadow Howler
a creature that hunts in the northern section of the Serene Caverns. It is known for its eerie mournful howl, that echos through the caverns. it has a sleek black coat, allowing it to blend in with the darkness. Many claim that you don't see it's eyes, which gleam with an otherworldly light, until you are upon the creature, which hunts bats and other small creatures in the caves. The packs are shy and not often seen by people.

Pygmy Pegasus
Along the edges of the Dragonfire lands, citizens are known to have these small horse-like creatures with delicate wings, allowing for short flights up and down the cliffs. This pegasus is known for it's gentle disposition and playful nature. It is easy to train and form strong bonds with its owner. Mane and tail hair are often used to create beautiful and intricate decorations.

Moon Wolf
a large white wolf with a dark mane that glows in the moonlight. Some claim that the packs move faster than the wind.

Kiadu Mole
a gentle creature that burrows deep within the land of the forest. It has deep green eyes, and a soft gentle voice that sings to communicate with other moles. It has sharp curved claws allowing it to dig its borrows.


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Fuzzy Flutterby
a small butterfly-like creature found near the Spring of Ornaments. The creature is playful and affectionate, with soft furry wings that come in a variety of colors, and large warm brown expressive eyes. Enjoying the company of others, the creature is easy to bond with and is often a companion to young children as it is easy to care for and provides hours of entertainment with it's whimsical flight and cheerful chirping. The scales of it's body are said to be magical and useful in a variety of potions and remedies.

Foul-Smelling Flobberworm
a sluggish worm-like creature found in the Kiadu Wilderness. It is a scavenger that feeds on dead and decaying matter. Its odor can cause other creatures to flee in terror. It is covered in a slimy, molted skin with beady eyes set deep in its fleshy head. While the slime is beneficial to a variety of skin ailments, it is often difficult to get close enough to harvest.

Serpent of the Serene Caverns
According to the Drakforge clan, a large serpent lives with in the Serene caverns, responsible for carving the tunnels that make up the caverns. This Serpent is said to possess glowing yellow eyes and can apparently show you your future.

Serene Dove
A small dove with a wingspan of only a few feet, they can often be found flitting through the Serene Caverns. It's deep red eyes stand out in contrast to the white and blue feathers that make up its body.

Mountain Muskox
a large shaggy creature lives along the first step of the Dragon Fire Lands. It has a massive, barrel-shaped body covered with thick fur, the sturdy build and rich flavorful meat make it very popular in White Cliff and Crowwind. Killing a Mountain Muskox is a challenge for any except the most skilled hunters. They hold any who can successfully kill a Mountain Muskox in high regard.

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Shadow Serpent
Children of the Kiadu Wilderness know to be wary of the shadows, lest the Shadow Serpent find you. The creature is said to be covered in jet-black scales that blend seamlessly into the shadows, giving it advantage against a variety of creatures. The serpent has a vicious and aggressive nature, with deadly venom, capable of taking down a Mountain Muskox. the scales are strong, making it difficult, but not impossible to kill.

Dodo Heron
a medium bird with short feathers long legs and a rounded by sharp beak. Dodo Heron's do not fly and instead use their long legs to quickly and silently run after their prey.

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Parasitic Worm
attaches itself to it's host, feeding on it's blood. The worm is able to spread diseases to it's host and will borrow into the skin of its host, causing them to be dizzy and weak. The worm's were created as a torture method, and have been outlawed by the Menait Dynasty, though the Magneti have found evidence of someone using them again.

Shadow Stalker
A stealthy predator that is known for it's ability to blend into the shadows of any environment. These creatures are found mostly in one area of the Kaidu wilderness. The only account of this creature that has been recorded details dark shaggy furn and long sharp claws.

Night Hunter
a large bird-like beast that is found in the Dragon Fire Lands, it is known for its agility and stealth. The Night Hunter has sleek black feathers with white dots that allow it to blend seamlessly into the night sky, making it nearly invisible to its prey. Some claim that the bird will circle its prey for hours, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, using its sharp talons to seize its prey and carry it back to its layer. The feathers of this hunter are prized for their beauty, and the meat is a delicacy in much of the Dynasty.


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