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The town of Mistcross is built around a local hot spring and made of stone and wood.


The town boasts three districts in addition to the town sqare which surrounds the hot spring that the town was built around.
  • The Intelligent Charmer - Soothsayer
  • Sew Nice - Tailor
  • The Glass Empress
  • Forge away - Smithy
  • Smelt in my Arms - Foundry/Smelting
  • The Naughty Siren -Inn/Brothel
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    (Headquarters of the Black Assult)
  • George's Forge - Smithy
  • The Alliance of the Rushing Tarim - Hired Help - Bows and Slings
  • Courageous Leviathan Farrier
Town Square

Points of interest

Just off the shore of the town a giant shell can be seen springing from the water. According to the Genasi to the north, the shell houses a unmentionable creature of the deep.

To the west of the city a wall of ice can be found. There are times throughout the year that the ice seems to receed slighly, though the local ministers have been unable to confirm this. There seems to be something hiding in the ice though, a shadow, or fragment of a long forgotten era. Perhaps one day the ice will thaw enough for us to find out.


The town sits along the coast, on sandy and chalky soil. Most of the town has been built up off of the coast, creating walls to help with the tide changes throughout the year.

Natural Resources

In addition to the hot spring in the center of the town, people have migrated to the town to help in the mining of granite, chalk and limestone, in additional to the sapphires that have been found in the mines. Beryllium is also prominent in the soil, though what it is used for, we're not entirely sure. It does seem of interest to several settlements on the mainland to the south.

Most of the food and industry around the town, however comes in the form of the plentiful fishermen that can be found bringing in boatfulls of toothfish, clams, lobster and salmon. Additional penguin and wulrus is quite plentiful, and wulrus tusk jewelry is quite common on many of the ladies of the town.

If you do happen to leave the town proper, do be on the look out for the artic wolf, which frequently hunts the penguin population, and has been known to attack individuals traveling alone.

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Total Population: 2647
Primary Race: Human
General Attitude: Blunt and Helpful
  • Children: 556
  • Adults: 1747
  • Elderly: 344
  • Ill/Infirm: 258
  • Known Criminals: 15
  • Urban Population: 2307
  • Rural Population: 340


  • Mistlecross
Founding Date

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