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Imagine our suprise to find that one of our cities still exists, flying above Lanass, I'm sorry Fika. To know that our culture has existed for the last 1400 years while we've been frozen in time. To know we're not alone.
— David


Major language groups and dialects

While many Lanites have taken to speking common, to communicate with the land dwellers below, the language now called Marqueasan is still taught in schools as quite a bit of their technology and systems are still writen in it. Continuation of this language has proved particularly useful after the establishment of New Lanass. Which only occured after individuals from the City of Ginshira were awoken by accident.

Culture and cultural heritage

Individuals known as Lanite's hail from a time when Fika was still called Lanass. Named after the now fallen god of Science and Technology. They are proud of their continual use of the science and technology that most of the rest of the world has forgotten, and were particularly appreciative of that fact when Fika was cut off from magic by a droid in the year 816.

Average technological level

The Lanite's are well known throughout Fika for thier unique ability to mix magic and technology together to further the betterment of their kind. Not relying on one or the other has allowed the Lanites to do things that many considered impossible, like having a city that flies, like Nimbus, or being able to make boxes to teleport places.

Common Myths and Legends

It is said that Lanites learned their use of magic fron a long dead race known as the Yearot's and fused it with the technology that Lanass himself was so fond of using, giving them greater abilities.
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