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The Stubborn Silinratath.

Loud and raucous laugher erupts from the open deck outside the tavern, the waft of cheap alcohol, thick ales and lotus smoke assails the senses. Accompanied by the delicate sound of lyre strings and rattle of bone dice from within endears itself to local patrons and weary travellers alike.
The Stubborn Silinratath is a well known Tavern in The City-state of Rie'shae. famous among travellers to the city.
  Nestled in the heart of Rie'shae, lies one of the cities most celebrated and busiest free houses, the Stubborn Silinratath. It’s renown stems from the reputation its owner has accued through word of mouth over the centuries and the taverns prominent location on the entrance into the famed The Grand Bazaar of Ajmathi. Situated to be the perfect refuge for wearisome merchants and traveller's after a long journey. Over the decades it has become a favoured watering hole to Rie’shaes cavern raider guides and frequented by countless passers through. It's not uncommon to find travellers, Cavern raiders and even the odd wayward Templar or off duty watchman gathered around and sharing tales and stories. Making boasts and shows of bravado about the exploits of their travels and adventures through the sunless realms, whilst trying to outdo one another. Many bard and aspirational story teller have been known to brave the Stubborn Silinratath and its rowdy mobs from time to time to borrow inspiration for their work.   Often visitors will spot a tail dangling lazily through the banisters of the balcony above, swishing back and forth through. It belongs to the Taverns namesake, lounging sleepily from the balcony on the floor above. A large crimson Silinratath named Kohly, and the proprietors constant companion through the centuries. This aged old feline has lost much of its lustre over the years, but none of its temperament.  


The Stubborn Silinratath is one of Rie'shaes more peculiar and traditional structures. Many early Dral'azie buildings were built into geological rock formations and outcrops due to the lack of building materials and resources during the early settlement period of the underworld. The Stubborn Silinratath is one such remnant of that era, and while a number of such structures still exist throughout the city, as their society and architecture progressed and a wider range of building materials became more readily available, traditional Dral'azie stalagmite buildings began to disappear overtime. While many extensions and renovations have been built up around the Tavern, at its core lies the prominent feature of this great stalagmite structure that has becoming part of the traditional quirkiness of the Tavern.  

Notable Characters.

It's owner Brongeth, is a well-respected figure in the Ajmathi district.. A retired Dvergar mercenary, this well-travelled cavern raider, the stories and rumours surrounding how he acquired the Tavern have become something short of an urban myth. The actual truth is far more lacklustre. After an unfortunate accident during his last expedition with his former company into The Sea of Mists he had to give up the life of adventure. On returning to Rie'shae, he would settle down and use much of the money he had saved away over the years to buy this Tavern, which had been a favoured place of his during his youth. Where most Dvergar are renown for being a serious and austere people, Brongeth comes across as jovial and good natured individual who would quite happily talk the ear off any who would grace the doorway of his establishment.   However, not every rumour regarding the cheery Dvergar are so easily dismissed. Despite his sunny disposition Brongeth is known among the denizens of Rie'shae for offering bar tabs that trap his regular patrons in large amounts of debt. Luckily for them he has a number of odd jobs and guild contracts on a convenient board found in his premises, receiving a modest fee should these jobs be taken at his establishment and fulfilled. If the stories are to be believed, if one of his patrons debt becomes too great or they refuse to pay, he hands the debt over to his silent partner.
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I like the eloquence and expressiveness of this article, especially in its intro. It's always a good sign when I have to look up English words and maybe they'll stick eventually.   Other than that, it's a nice little article where I especially liked the paragraph about the owner. It would have been great if there had been a bit more about how the Siliratath became the namesake, how they met, etc., but I know the time problem. My tavern wasn't finished until the end of the stream ^^".

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