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by Anithecutie
"Forgefire, the molten heart of our craft, blazes with the fury of ancestral fires. Its searing might shapes steel into legends and turns the mundane into masterpieces. With Forgefire's embrace, our hammers strike with the force of mountains and our anvils sing with the secrets of the forge. It is the power that forges heroes and shapes realms, for within its radiant inferno, dreams are forged and greatness awakens."
— Pyrarch Vanya of Lavairum
The legendary source of Dwarin craftsmenship, born of occultic and arcane artistry, is a wondrous and enigmatic creation that defies ordinary explanation. Fashioned in the depths of the forges by masterful metallurgists, Forgefire blazes with an ethereal brilliance and possesses a transformative power that elevates the craft of blacksmithing to new heights.   Its visage is truly a mesmerizing spectacle, evoking the seering radience of the purest magma resevoirs ensnared by a maelstrom of swirling winds. The Flaming breath from the ingluvies of a dragon creates an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of fiery hues, coalesce and merge in a bewitching exhibition of resplendent energy. Alive, each tendril of flame pulsates with the unfettered force of primordial genesis itself.   The true power of Forgefire lies in its remarkable ability to mold metals unlike anything the other denizens of Evalaw might dream of.  
A Seekers observational drawing of an imprisoned dragon deep in the heart of a Dwarin forge
When guided by the hands of skilled Dwarin artisans Forgefires are ignited within the specialized furnaces, its innate magic interacts with the metals present, bestowing upon them extraordinary qualities beyond their base nature.   Forgefire is not merely a source of heat however; it is a catalyst for transformation. Within its radiant embrace, metals are reborn, their true potential awakened. Ordinary iron becomes as resilient as ancient mithril, bronze gains an otherworldly gleam, and steel is honed to an unrivaled keenness. The intricate details and artistry of the Dwarin craft are heightened by the potent energies that surge through the molten metal, infusing each piece with a touch of the sublime.   It's mystic nature unveils not solely in the forge's crucible. Objects borne from its fervid clasp retain an unbreakable bond with the flame that birthed them. These ensorcelled creations bear the indelible mark of Forgefire, a testament to the peerless skill of Dwarin artisans and the occluded potencies harbored within their hallowed forges.

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