Lovelock Tea House

This is my favorite Tea House in the entire city, probably the entire world, I just haven't visited them all yet...and I'm not gonna tell you why.
Oz, the main bodyguard of the crown prince of Ariezzen.
  This is a small family owned Bubble Tea House, like many others in the city of Izkmyr. Sasika, used to make bubble tea, is a big natural resource from this area of the kingdom of Ariezzen on the island of Bittra. Sasika is one of the major exports of the kingdom along side Tserinzha , a popular spice, and glasswares.  


The Tea House is located in a district in the northern parts of the city called “The Black Market” by the locals. It's close to the docks, a commercial area, a high school, and the local university.   The café sits snuggly between a bookbinder and a jeweler. The three stores were actually considered the same building once, back when it was an antiquary owned by a rumored magician. When the magician died a distant relative inherited the building. The relative tried to rent out the building but there was nobody that wanted to rent the large building, so the new owner split the building up into three houses and rented them out to small shop owners.   The other two buildings were later purchased by their renters while this building was inherited by the relative's son when the relative passed away. That son later lost the deed to the building in a bet. The current owner of the house still lets the Lovelock family continue to rent it.  

The building

The ground floor is used for the café while the two other floors is inhabited by the family who is also renting out a couple of rooms for short time quests. One of the regulars renting a room for a couple of days every other year is a bard calling themselves Dawn. This bard usually pay for their stay by helping in the café and entertaining the patrons with music.   The front of the building is dark brown stone while the other two buildings are grey painted wood. The window casing on all three buildings is white painted wood while the roofs are box gabled in black stone. On either side of the building are thin alleys that have split the buildings. Though, the three of them still share the same foundation.   On top of the front door sits a wooden sign with the logo of the Tea house.

  In the alley next to the jeweler, there is a staircase that leads all the way up to the top floor and the private residence of the family. There is no existing layout of this floor, but the few people who have visited the family say that it is similar to the second floor.  
  The interior of the Tea House looks similar to its outside. The longest wall is dark brown stone while the other walls have grey wallpapers. The floors are dark grey hardwood and the couches, chairs, and tables, even the counter is dark brown. The walls have a couple of paintings and candelabras.   The second floor which has rooms that the family rent out short term have the same design as the first floor.  

The Menu

The teas

There are several regular teas that are standard on the menu if you are planning to stay at the cafe, mostly made from local plants and fruits. There are some more fancy limited teas made from imported plants. As for the bubble teas, there are two standard ones and two limited ones also for consumption at the café.   There are also custom bubble teas that can be consumed at the café or be taken away from the cafe as takeaway orders. The bubble teas consumed in the cafe are served in fancy glasses while the takeaway teas are served in mugs that the customers bring in themselves or buy at the cafe.  

The cookies

Most of the cookies are seasonal however, because of the popularity of the Jam bites and the Raisin cookies they have become regulars on the cookie menu.

The cakes

There are seasonal cheese cakes on the menu as well as jam cakes.   It's possible to order custom cakes, however, they ask that the customers order their custom cakes at least 4 days in advance.

The sandwiches

Many companies in the area order sandwiches from this cafe for lunch. Some of these companies are even other cafes.   The cafe currently has two types of bread; The first is Light bread that is sweet, soft, fluffy, and apparently bad for your health if you eat too much. The second is Dark bread, it’s savory, full of fibers, satisfying, and good for your health. These types exist in two shapes; The first is a small loaf that is almost cut all the way in half and filled with its condiments. The second shape is actually three large flat slices of a loaf. These slices are in the shape of a triangle. In between these triangle slices lay the condiments.   The sandwiches are complete custom orders and the available ingredients vary from season to season but there is always a wide selection of vegetables, meat, and fowl. Fish is only available during a short period over the summer as fish is a commodity on Bittra .

The sallads

There are three regular salads on the salad menu, otherwise, customers can custom order the salads with the same available ingredients as the sandwiches.   The salads are served in glass bowls with the cafe’s logo on them. The takeaway salads are served in the bowls that the customers bring with them. If a company from the area has ordered the salads they are expected to bring the glass bowls back.   The three regular salads are the fried Chicken Salad, the Bacon Salad, and the Red Salad.   The Fried Chicken salad Consists of salad leaves, fried potato bits, fried chicken, tomatoes, assorted vegetables, and a mild Tserinzha dressing.   The Bacon salad consists of salad leaves, fried potato bits, bacon, assorted vegetables, nuts, and a mild garlic dressing.   The Red salad consists of salad leaves, macaroni, redbird, available mushrooms, available assorted vegetables and a hot Tserinzha dressing or olive oil.

The legends

It is believed by some of the young populace of the Black Market and the surrounding areas that if you share a meal together at the Tea House with a lover during the White Night the two of you will stay together forever.   There are rumors that the dead magician haunts the three stores during the nights. People have claimed to see the magician in the display windows of the stores while walking past them in the middle of the night. A gang of youngsters who tried to rob the jewelers were seen running screaming from the building.  

The staff

53 years ago Lioriz and Magda married and together they rented the building of their dreams, a house that could be a home for their growing family and a place where they could grow their business. At first, they worked the café alone, now they are both retired and have family members and outsiders working as staff. There are 12 full time employees, 4 part-time workers, and 2 temporary workers.  

Noteworthy staff members

Lizia is the current manager, she is 46 years old and the oldest daughter of the family. She has been working in the café all her life. She deals with orders and other paperwork. She usually works weekdays during 8-17 o'clock.   Sizlia is the youngest daughter at 43 years old. She works part-time on the B row of the schedule while her husband works full-time at the bookbinders next door. She has 3 children.   Sikan is the oldest child of Sizlia, he is 22 years old and has worked his entire life in the Tea House and he loves it. He is currently working afternoons in row 2.   Saska is the younger sister of Sikan, she is 17 years old and still in school. She is however still working weekends at the Tea House at the C row of the schedule. She does not like bubble tea or her family's obsession with the Tea House.  

The schedule

The 12 full-time employees have the same day off system. They work 3 days and then have 3 days off from work for six weeks. 6 of them work from 03:00 to 15:13. While the other 6 work from 15:00 to 2:50.   2 part time employees work Mizru to Lenru. One of them work from 07:00 to 13:00 while the other work 16:00 to 22:00.   The other two part-time employees work the weekends at the same times as the previous part timers.   The last two employees are temporary workers and work when any of the other employees are sick or otherwise have time off.


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