Ah, so people carry people around like a job?
  This is a common entry job for young strong people on the island of Bittra, most commonly in the Solanian Empire.  


The only qualification for this job is to be fit enough to be able to carry around a Carrier together with at least one coworker for six hours a day, five days a week.   A youngster who wants to join this occupation will have to do a health checkup and pass a driving test. After this, the youngster will receive a license that is viable for a year. With this license, the youngster can apply for work with all the Carrier companies. If they can't manage to get hired during that year they will have to pay for a new health checkup and driving test.   After a youngster is employed they get a new license. To keep this license they have to do a health checkup every year, but the company they are employed by will pay the cost.  

Social status

There is only a slightly higher social status, at least among other carriers, for the people who work for the company that is currently favored by the royals. However, as this is a mostly temporary job for youngsters the status is not that high among the older common populace and the other people within the same profession to begin with.  


They have better health insurance, better pay and the workdays for full-time workers are shorter than other occupations for youngsters. Which gives the occupation a slightly higher status among youngsters. Many also want to have the occupation only because it gives off the impression that they are fit and strong.  


There are many people who hurt or wear out their shoulders, arms, or backs at this job. Many are also in accidents where they can hurt themselves or others. There have been several accidents in Solstadt where youngsters or their clients have become paralyzed or otherwise badly hurt.  
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