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Yes, this dagger is from the planet of Rant, I purchased it from a vendor in Kentoron while visiting the planet...
This seemingly regular dagger is one of the items for sale in Grim's Curiosities. It sits in a display case with a lot of other daggers behind a Cashier's desk. The dagger has a hilt of dark wood with black leather around it. The blade is made of a metal common to the planet of Rant. The blade also has the name "Ydra" in small letters carved into one side of the blade close to the bolster.   When customers want to check out the daggers, the store manager will move the display case of daggers over to the desk. If a customer tries to touch this dagger. A loud scream will pierce the dry air of the store. The store manager will pat the dagger, and it will quiet down...  


The store manager is very vague about the history of this item. Some say that the dagger is sentient. A fragment of a greater darkness. Others whisper of the dagger's true purpose, a harbinger of doom destined to bring about the end of days.


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