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Well loved plushy

Yes, it's for sale...creepy? Hm, I think it's cute. I think I have some episodes of the cartoon if you want to watch it. It was very popular once upon a time.
This old plushy is for sale in Grim's Curiosities, a store in The Station. The plushy sits in an armchair in a corner of the store.   It is an official plushy of an old cartoon character that has been off the air for over 100 years. The plushy looks very well-loved. The few tears it's had have been mended with fabric glue or sewn shut. Its bead eyes are following the visitors around the store. Some people feel like the plushy is staring into their souls.  


Like many of the items in this store, this plushy arrived here after the death of its previous owner. Grim purchased the plushy in a lot together with other items. It hasn't been in the store very long.


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