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Pocket watch

No, sorry, I can't turn the sounds of it's ticks down.
  This ancient pocket watch can be found in the store of Grim's Curiosities, it sits on a red velvet pillow inside a glass display case close to the just as ancient Cashier's desk. It's a simple silver watch with no ornaments. It's face is dark grey, the numbers is just dots and it's arms are also made of silver.   Its loud ticks drown out the other odd sounds in the store.  


Legend has it that the pocket watch was crafted by a reclusive horologist on the planet of Bog, a man rumored to have made a pact with dark forces in exchange for forbidden knowledge of timekeeping. It is said that this man's insatiable thirst for power and his obsession with controlling the very fabric of time drove him to unspeakable acts. How this timepiece ended up in this store is unknown.   Rumors have it that those who dare to gaze upon the pocket watch and dare to own it will be ensnared by its malevolent gaze; their souls will be trapped within its intricate gears for all eternity. There have been owners of this clock, but it has still always found its way back to this store.


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