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Plain music box

You want to buy that box? it for your lover?
This box can be found on a shelf in Grim's Curiosities, a store in the 00-03-2846 area of The Station.   The box is about 25x15x10cm and made of polished wood. It bears the marks of age, with fine lines and imperfections adding to its charm. The lid is adorned with a faded floral motif, and opening it, the interior of the music box is lined with velvet, its rich blue hue a stark contrast to the weathered exterior. There is room inside the box for a couple of items.   Opening the lid a haunting tune will start playing from the box. The song is ancient and from a culture on the planet of Terria.  


A husband handcrafted this music box around 120 years ago as a wedding gift to his wife. The box was made out of wood from the Enchanted forest. This wood is very expensive, and thus, the box was viewed as very valuable. The box was in the store when it opened and has been bought and returned several times.


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