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Ornate latern

That lantern, yes, it's for sale. Do you want it? It's from the faraway planet of Faystrand
This lantern sits on a shelf together with other lanterns in Grim's Curiosities, a store in the 00-03-2846 area of The Station.   This lantern, crafted by skilled artisans in a bustling bazaar in a country of the planet Faystrand, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and beauty. Standing about two feet tall, it boasts a cylindrical body made of intricately patterned brass, with panels of colored glass set into its sides. The brass is meticulously engraved with intricate motifs. Each glass panel is a work of art in itself, featuring hand-painted designs in vibrant hues of ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and golden amber. These panels are set within delicate brass frames, allowing the warm glow of candlelight to shine through and create a kaleidoscope of colors when the lantern is lit. At the top of the lantern, a dome-shaped roof adorned with filigree patterns culminates in a graceful finial resembling a blossoming flower. A sturdy brass handle, also intricately decorated, allows the lantern to be easily carried or hung.   People who look at the lantern, happen to look away and then look back at it swear that the brass filigree has changed shape. They could've sworn it was flowers before, but now it's laughing skulls...  


Grim acquired this lantern while visiting the faraway planet of Faystrand several years ago. It has had several owners since then but has always returned to the store.


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