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Ornate book

That book? Well...I suppose knowledge at your fingertips that you should be able to obtain but can't...is really frustrating.
This ornate book sits on a shelf with other books but on a display plate in Grim's Curiosities, a store in the 00-03-2846 area of The Station.   The cover is bound in rich, deep burgundy fake leather, embossed with intricate gold filigree depicting mythical creatures intertwining with delicate floral patterns. The spine is adorned with raised bands, each with a small yellow gemstone at the center. The book is high quality and should be expensive, but it is only listed to cost 60 credits.   The pages are gold-tipped. Nothing more can be said about the book's pages, as it's impossible to open the book. Anyone who has tried goes away disappointed.  


The book was created several thousands of years ago, supposedly by a person who is now a deity. The deity claims that they didn't create nor write the book, but there are other people who are certain that the deity is the person who created and wrote the book.   The book ended up in this store a couple of years ago. It has been sold and returned many times.


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