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Old book of stickers

Yes, that cartoon character was very popular way back when. I still have some episodes if you want to see it...as well as some other products...
Collecting stickers as a hobby is common among the inhabitants of the The Station. This specific old book of stickers is currently found on a shelf in Grim's Curiosities, a store in the 00-03-2846 area of The Station.   This book of stickers is a regular hardcover 21x29cm sticker book that is still being sold by the same company as 1205 years ago when this book was purchased. The hardcover is black with a small logo that looks like a sticker from this specific sticker company. The book has 400 glossy pages that are perfect to store stickers on.  


This old book of stickers was purchased by the parent of a then 10 year old dragon. It is apparent that a lot of stickers have been placed, removed, and replaced from this book by the owner over the years. It’s currently almost half full with stickers of a specific kind of famous cartoon character. The book arrived at the store when the previous owner died. It's been at the store for around 10 years.


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