Merrin's Jacket

Yeah, it's my favorite jacket. I've taken good care of it for the last 32 years.
This is a purple fur jacket from the brand xXlice. It was popular 32 years ago when the brand released it, and similar jackets have experienced several resurgences in popularity over the past three decades.  


The xXlice brand was created by designer Areanth'arbha on the planet of Rant 79 years ago. Initially, xXlice sold their clothes to local clothing stores. About 67 years ago, they opened their first flagship store in the capital of Regeis on Rant. The brand's eccentric style and good quality materials quickly gained popularity, allowing xXlice to expand further, including opening a store in the Monochrome section of The Station.   This specific kind of jacket, along with a few other matching items, was released during the fall fashion season 32 years ago. Although it didn’t perform well on Rant, it became a sensation on The Station. This was surprising because jackets are rarely worn on The Station due to its controlled climate. Only people who really like Rant fashion use jackets, and then it's usually suite jackets. Not bold fur jackets like these.  

The Jacket

The jacket came in either black or purple. It's design featured a luxurious faux fur exterior, intricate stitching, and a tailored fit that combined elegance with comfort. The interior featured a chest pocket and black or purple silk lining. The jacket has a zipper that is hidden behind fur. The black jackets have a black zipper while the purple jackets have a silver zipper.  

The other pieces

The jackets were released together with;
  • A short sleeved turtleneck shirt in either black or purple.
  • A black or purple dress shirt.
  • A pair of purple or black hot pants.
  • A pair of purple or black dress pants.
  • A pair of black and purple striped socks.


    Merrin’s mother, Riena, bought the jacket for Merrin on their 14th birthday. Tragically, Riena and her husband later died in a shuttle accident while traveling between Rant and The Station.   Merrin has cherished this jacket ever since, wearing it as a reminder of their mother’s love and the vibrant culture of Rant that their mother enjoyed. Merrin now also own most of the clothes which were released in the same wave as this jacket. They also own a couple of other jackets similar to this one but they don't get worn as much.   As Merrin is a pretty famous artist in the band Voltage Verve an electro swing band, which part of the reason why this type of jackets keeps getting resurgances in popularity on The Station. Merrin stands out in the band as their style of clothing is different from the other bandmembers who are wearing clothing that is popular on Rant.


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    Jun 9, 2024 20:55 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    I love that they still wear and love it after 32 years. It must be an iconic look for them by now!

    Jun 10, 2024 01:46 by Dragon

    Yep! :3

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