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Framed flower

The Lynxiaster believe in a Deity of Luck...and thus...these are one of their relics. Pretty, isn't it? Though, I wonder where the species got its name... it doesn't look like any of the dragons from here, does it?
This dried and framed 7-petaled Dragon poppy hangs on one of the walls in Grim's Curiosities, a store in the 00-03-2846 area of The Station.   Dragon poppies are a very common flower on the planet of Lunari. They usually have 6 petals, but if a person can find a flower with 7 petals, they are considered blessed by their deity of Luck. If somebody can find such a flower, they usually dry it and keep it in their pockets to keep the luck closeby.  


While visiting the planet of Lunari a couple of weeks ago Grim picked up this framed flower from a yardsale. There were a lot more interesting items there. But this was the thing that Grim decided to pick up and bring to his store.


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