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A Floor clock

Ah, no, I'm sorry. That clock is not for sale. At least not right now.
This floor clock stands against a wall in Grim's Curiosities. A store in 00-03-2846 Area of the The Station.   The clock stands at an imposing height of over 2 meters. It is made out of wood and painted gold. The clock's intricately carved casing is adorned with elegant flourishes and ornate details. Sturdy claw feet provide stability at the base of the clock, and the bonnet features a gracefully arched crown with delicate scrollwork and a finial at its apex, adding a regal touch to the clock's design.   At precisely when the clock strikes 12. A lid in the clock's body opens up, and a bird appears. It gives a couple of ominous coos, and then the lid closes.  


Clocks of this kind have always been rare on The Station as digital clocks have been used. Grim purchased this clock and dragged it home while he was visiting Rant many years ago. This, like several other items, is an item that has been sold before but has returned.


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