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The Dead King's Divan

Yes, you should take a rest on the divan...
This is an old divan for sale in the Grim's Curiosities store on The Station. It sits in a corner together with an armchair and a tea table. At a glance, this corner can be mistaken for a place of rest. All items in the corner, even the shelves full of books on the walls above the divan, the two folding screens, and the weird lamp hanging from the ceiling above the tea table.   The fabric of the divan is black fake leather with a golden satin pillow against the one arm/headrest. A 1.5 meter person would fit comfortably resting on it. The curved wooden legs have runes carved into them.  


The divan comes from a long forgotten culture on Terria. As the fabric looks pristine, people might believe that the divan has been refurbished several times. It has not been.   The divan used to belong to a king, however he died young for unexplainable reasons. How the divan ended up in this store is unknown. It has been sitting in the store for a long while though.


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