Post-Rupture Shock Disorder

A form of PTSD specific to the events of The Rupture.

Post-rupture shock disorder is a form of PTSD that severely affects the daily lives of countless folks who lived through the events of The Rupture around fifty years ago. While some folks were struck with the condition immediately, many others are still only just manifesting symptoms of the shock.   Folks with the condition often re-live the cataclysmic horrors of the event through disturbing flashbacks and inescapable nightmares which make sleeping uncomfortable and concentration difficult. They often experience feelings of paranoia, irritability and loss and find it hard to trust others in asking for the help that they need.   Many people with post-rupture shock disorder have trouble learning, using, or controlling their newfound magic.   The symptoms can impact severely on the ability to control emotions, which makes it difficult for people with the condition to connect with other people or maintain existing relationships with friends, family, or partners.  
Major research is underway in the field of medicine to improve treatment options for those affected. The current treatment plans involve monitoring symptoms, behavioural therapy, or heavy use of antidepressants.
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The catastrophic and unforeseen event that wrought havoc upon the world, plunging it into complete and utter chaos on an unfathomable scale.

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