Luminary's Eye

An unassuming observer and intelligence gatherer for dignitaries, nobles, and rulers.

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  When intelligence needs to be gathered discretely, folks in power hire the services of a luminary's eye. These unassuming spies blend in with the crowd for their qualities of looking like "normal" locals - they're so good at their ruse that they can move around unnoticed, being dismissed as unintelligent, or can use their talents to become the distracting center of attention if an operation requires it.   Luminary's eyes are often permanently employed for life by a dignitary, but in recent years the profession has become more popular and has opened up to freelancing. There is such a large demand for intelligence gathering with the opening of rifts to new realms that even amateurs are claiming the title, offering unprofessional espionage services alongside their daytime jobs.  

Clean Eyes

With the influx of untrustworthy amateurs seeking quick coin, governing bodies now offer qualifications and official certifications as a mark of quality for being able to work with high profile clients. Some say that it's profiteering, others say that the governments want to gain intelligence on the people who gain intelligence.  
Alternative Names
Eye Spy, Spymaster, Intelligence Officer
Intelligence Gathering

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