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Fencing is one of the most popular sports around and is practised by all ethnicities, ages and races. It is a sport that tests your Reflexes, Awareness and Stamina skills and can be practised individually or in duels.   Each person has a blunted steel sword that has great flexibility to it and a bell shaped guard that protects the hand. Opponents fence along a piste and cannot step out of this narrow boundary.  


  • Two opponents fence along a piste and may not step out of it's boundaries
  • The opponents may only move step by step or with lunges, no walking or running is permitted
  • An opponent must never turn his back during a bout
  • Each opponent must be wearing quality tested equipment at all times
  • Upon starting a duel, opponents must salute each other by raising the hilt of their blade to their face, and lowering it away
  • Opponents aim to score a point by stabbing their opponent, only point tips count - slashes are forbidden
  • Points can be judged in official bouts with coloured chalk tips which show up on the opponent's jacket
  • When a point is scored, the mark is noted, removed and the fencers resume starting positions
  • Upon completing a duel, opponents must shake hands using their non weapon hand


The aspect of fencing on a narrow piste arose from historical duels that were often held in narrow alleyways, where range of motion was limited to lunges and stabs. This is also why slashes are not permitted within this sport.


This sport is so popular that fencing fairs are held in local cities and settlements across the world, such as The Swordmaster's Fair.

Components and tools

Each fencer requires:
  • A sturdy metal mesh mask
  • A blunted steel blade
  • Thick fencing breeches, socks, jacket and plastron
  • Additional under armour may be worn if the heat can be tolerated
The Swordmaster's Fair
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 20, 2022

A joyous festivity involving fencing, swordsmanship and combat!

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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