Why'ssa town called that? BECAUSE NO'ONE ARDLEIGH EVER GOES'ERRE!!
— common Orlendian phrase
  Ardleigh is an isolated town in the rural countryside of The Isles of Orlend and is a stopping point between the city of Elmhope and the bustling port of Dunstol.   The hilly town is situated near the source of the river Ard and is home to a small community of farming folk.  

The Isles of Orlend


The river Ard provides the town with a source of mudfish and lots of common Orlendian birds such as moorhens, ducks, herons, swans, and even the elusive and brightly coloured kingfishers.   It also serves as a trade route by boat with a lazy paddle down to the small town of Pontbury, and eventually the city of Norford (though the travel can take more than a day depending on weather conditions and local disruptions).

Country Living

The folk of Ardleigh live a quiet lifestyle mostly consisting of sheep farming, organic produce, and river trade.  


The hilly fields surrounding the village echo the calls of a menagerie of livestock; bleating sheep graze the higher fields whilst brown, mooing cows roam the riverside pastures. The patchwork of fields in between host different seasonal crops that feed both the small town's population and provide enough surplus for harsh winters and some spare to trade.  


Most of the produce from Ardleigh is transported to larger city marketplaces like Elmhope, but the majority of goods go to the city port Dunstol where it can be shipped across the Monillic Ocean to the main continent of Arklend.   Popular goods include fine wool and knitted goods, many varieties of cheeses and dairy produce (most are very pungent and strong in flavour), and plenty of fresh meat produce.
I don't like the people from there, they fink they're so Ard.
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