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~21 Blooming Moon, 1449 AL
~28 Years Old

Erakos had a rather simple life. He knew what his purpose would be, the title of Kasaneor a weight that rested heavily upon his shoulders. He would protect his fairn as all Kasaneor should.

That changed when the royal family sought refuge in his homelands. Though the ox-kryn were not really affected by the change in leadership - to them, Percival’s rule was no different from Ronan’s rule - Erakos quickly bonded with the young princess. His fairn became wrapped up in the subsequent rebellion, being the first of a handful of fairne that would fight against Percival, and so Erakos found that his role as Kasaneor had broadened significantly. Not that he minded all that much.

You watch Alex go. Your own jaw is clenched, teeth grinding against one another, and something tugs on your heartstrings.

To your complete surprise, when you turn to leave you find that Erakos is still standing next to you, red eyes narrowed and darkened by the shadows. His towering form cuts a very menacing picture.

“What?” you ask, practically spitting the word out. You hadn’t meant for it to come out so vehemently, but something about their friendship, their loyalty to one another, their trust, has you riled up.

“After ten years, you still care for her, hyl oon?”

“I– of course I do.”

Erakos hums, glancing up to the spot where Alex had stood only moments ago. “Then you should let those feelings go.”

Physical Description

Like many of his fellow ox-kryn Erakos towers above the crowds. Standing at 7’9” and being built like a stone wall, he has a very intimidating presence. Every muscle is defined, bulging, honed from years of rigorous training. A variety of scars litter his body. From small cuts and criss-crossed scratches, to long and gnarled gashes. Most are from training accidents during his earlier years but there are some - the more gruesome ones - that he got when defending his fairn.








Plains of Halunsor


Light red


Short, light brown hair, shaved on the sides

Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Leathery, dark grey



His hair is short and shaved on the sides. A practicality - nothing more, nothing less. Keeping it short keeps it out of the way during fights and makes it easier to maintain his horns. He has two horns, one on each side of his head. They start at the temples and curve around his head slight, before straightening up and pointing forward. There is a slight, upward curve at the tips of his horns. There are no patterns on his horns; they are plain and an off-white colour.

Personal History

Born to the Dalqast fairn, Erakos spent most of his life living amongst his people in the Plains of Halunsor. His parents were varyune, warriors of the fairn, and Erakos believed that he would follow in their footsteps. He believed that when it was time for his proving on his ninth dawn day, he would claim the very same title. But he was wrong.

On his proving the elders declared that Erakos would be a kasaneor - a protector, not a warrior. It was an undeniable honour, one that both he and his parents were grateful for.

With his new title came the respect of the fairn and an abundance of gifts. To be a kasaneor is to hold the very life of the fairn in your hands, to act as a last line of defence should the varyune fail, and Erakos was excited to take on such responsibility. For the most part, he trained with the varyune, learning how to fight and defend himself should the need arise.

Erakos would also spend training with the two kasaneore of the fairn - Fryda and Urma. Where the varyune taught him how to fight, Fryda and Urma would teach him the finer principles of being a kasaneor. They would spend hours walking their fairn homelands so that Erakos could become familiar with each and every part of the land they lived on. Hours more would be spent walking the entire Plains of Halunsor, often camping out under the stars and travelling for days before returning to the fairn.

When he wasn’t training with the varyune or the kasaneore, Erakos was instructed to get to know each and every member of the fairn. Another part of his training, technically; after all some of the greatest threats come from scorned members of a tight knit community and to deny such a truth only leaves one blind to the possibility of such an attack. Not that Erakos minded all that much. He enjoyed spending time with his people and soon became acquainted with all 90 members of the fairn.

A month or so before his 20th dawn day, his fairn encountered a group of refugees wandering through the Plains. They took them in, gave them shelter and some food for a few nights, and Erakos presumed that the group would be on their way soon after.

But trouble followed these refugees. Knights, on the orders of King Percival, were seeking out this particular group of refugees. They demanded that the Dalqast fairn handover the refugees at once, but Erakos, Fryda and Urma refused. Enraged, the knights attacked and for the first time since his proving, Erakos was fighting to protect the lives of his fairn. They succeeded, killing the group of knights that had threatened them, though in the aftermath Fryda succumbed to her wounds.

After the fight, Erakos spoke to the refugees, intent on finding out why the knights had been so eager to catch them. Upon speaking to them he discovered that the refugees were actually Ronan, Elise and Alexandra Greymount, along with a handful of the ex-king’s trusted Shields.

The fairn allowed the royals and their Shields to remain in the Plains for a while longer and, luckily, no more of King Percival’s knights found them. During that time, Erakos tried to get to know them a little better, as he did in the past with the members of his own fairn. In particular he became friends with Alexandra and eventually became a close confidante as well.

“Why do they call you ‘Kasaneor’,” the girl asks. She doesn’t look at Erakos, eyes trained instead on the dying embers of their campfire. In the dim light her eyes have an eerie silver glow.

Erakos watches her, interest piqued. “They call me Kasaneor because that is my status in the fairn. In your tongue, the closest translation would be ‘protector’.”

“It’s a title then?” Finally, she glances away from the fire.

“Yes,” Erakos says softly and the girl hums, but doesn’t look overly satisfied with the response. Or perhaps, Earkos thinks, she is still reeling from those knights attacking the fairn. Looking for a distraction. “I am to my fairn what those… Shields are to your father. I would die for my people before I let any harm come to them.”

When Ronan and Alexandra announced their plan to take back the throne, Erakos vouched for them to the rest of the fairn. He argued that King Percival had attacked their home, their family, and would do so again if he thought for a moment that the rest of his family were still in the Plains. Though wary, the elders and Urma agreed with Erakos - King Percival had overstepped his boundaries and they could not let such a slight against the fairn slide.

So Erakos and his fairn travelled with the royals. Their first allies in a budding rebellion. As the years passed, Erakos became not just a kasaneor of the Dalqast fairn, but he also took it upon himself to be a kasaneor to Alex and all of the rebellion.

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