Deity List

Dieties by Power

Greater Deities

Valyrhn - Goddess of Love, Life, and Fertility

Kerythae - Goddess of Death, War, and Soul

Valkeryth - Fate, Balance, and Creation

Pylor - Light, Valor, and Heroism

Orvatas - Sky, Stars, and Time

Trygg - Birth, Children, and Healing

Murvos - Death (Keeper of the Dead)

Duin - God of War, Conquest, and Storms

Ishii - Goddess of Lovers, Sex, and Beauty

Brigga - Goddess of Fire and Inspiration

Naikura - God of Magic and Death

Stormfather - Father God

Luin - God of Law and Order

Aerhnd - God of Travel and Spirit

Minor Deities

Ifnia - Goddess of Fortune

Huin - God of Grain and Agriculture

Kulin - God of Horsemanship and Thieves

Mishi - Goddess of Beauty

Bova - Goddess of Cows

Herrus - God of Travelers and Thievery

Couther - God of Hospitality

Enulinda - The Frost Princess

The Corsair -

Aramynta - Nature and Balance

Korbal - Fire and Creation (Teifling Diety)

Taiki - God of - (Dragon)



Afona - Demigoddess (Queen of Spring)

Higher Beings

The Nature Queens of Barisea


Dieties by Pantheon





The Corsair

Lone Deities





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