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Goddess of Balance and Fate

As the world was aging and filling with chaos, an infection spread across the land and a Blight unlike any other full of magic and pain swept through all of Creation. The pantheons were fading, weakening-- lesser dieties' existences hung but on the fragility of mortals. Realizing that this aspect of Creation could be lost, one of the goddesses fighting back the dark chaos joined forces with a goddess preserving existence. Uniting despite their differences and intending to weave their strengths to stop destruction, their choice and unified power Created the Goddess of Balance.   It is said when she touched down from the heavens, where her foot fell a Haven was created and only the worthy can enter.  

The Goddess of Balance

"To be Chosen by the Goddess is to be given power to even the Scales. When a Chosen arises it means the Scales are askew or will be-- and there are now two. If the Scales are not broken, they will be."
Ellana Valyron
The Goddess of Balance is one of understanding, knowledge, and judgment. There are scarcely any that wield her power and it is known to only those who study such myths of where such people emerge from. Her haven is where she had hoped mortalkind to live in thrive, learn, and then eventually leave to teach. Many priests and followers of Valkeryth aim to help a person, people, or community by teaching them of the goddess' patience and temperance as well as encouraging education so as to allow people to grow and learn to better themselves. They teach others of how to seek truth and follow their guiding light to fend off corrupting forces.  

Tenets of the Goddess of Balance

One Cannot Exist Without the Other.
Tied together is Light and Darkness-- the Light is not meant to eradicate Darkness but to keep it at bay and allow life to continue unhindered by the evil forces that wish to dominate over free will, life, and Creation.

Break the Chains.
To understand the world around you is to break from that which is instilled in you. You will not always make the best decision, find all the answers, or save that which you hold dear-- use your wisdom as well as your heart. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgment and become chains.

Some Waves Come from Ripples.
The smallest action can change a fate. Know that not all actions will affect those around you, just as how not all actions around you will change your perspective. Grand gestures do not always sway the heart, as sometimes that one moment- genuine and true- will.  

The Twists of Beliefs

At one time, there were many churches that held the wrong belief of Valkeryth and spread misinformation. As that weakened- as well as clouded- belief, the great temple sent out many of their devout followers to guide churches and parishes to the point where now many are run by those who come from Darcanis-- or so they say. Many lay followers pray to the goddess for guidance in understanding matters in relation to other people or having the opposite side understand them. While not twisted as much, this belief is left with a lot of open ends and is argued that there are many ways to serve The Balance.  

The Goddess of Fate

"No matter what, know this truth: Fate is brought on by both choice and inevitability."
Prayed to by those studying any form of divination and those obsessed with what the future could hold, the Goddess of Fate is known to be one to impart the truth to those that believe and follow her tenets. It is from her teachings and tenets that arose the concept of the Fated. Unlike other deities of prophecy and destiny, Valkeryth embraces the choices that mortalkind makes in shaping their own fate believing that free will- mortalkind's great gift- is what forges the path they will walk down.  

Tenets of the Goddess of Fate

Life of Destiny.
Between the first breath of life to the one's dying breath, to grow, to age, and to learn-- is the destiny all must face. However, when you seek to balance creation, it is Destiny that brings people together and sets you on a path whether it is amicable or contentious, full of affection or of loathing, comforting or painful. Learn from all you meet for there are those that are there for a reason.

Bound by Differences.
There is is no balance or growth in uniformity amongst those with Light and Balance should be kept where possible. Use your wisdom and understand that perhaps a different perspective is worth acknowledging and can improve matters or even offer insight to assist with a solution.
Identify the Darkness as the darkest souls that seek to corrupt are not mere differences-- they are chaotic forces that seek to end Balance and must be destroyed.

Entwine the Soul.
Your fate will cross with many others. There are those you will be bound to while others you are meant to meet like a passing storm, all will teach you a lesson. Through it all, remember that there is one soul out there meant to be your counterbalance. Treat the Fated with respect and honor and impart wisdom as well as learn from each.

The Twist of Beliefs

Many are not aware that Valkeryth is a fate goddess and her beliefs regarding Fates have been misinterpreted across regions or reinterpreted leading to many different views of the goddess.



Lawful Neutral


Seeker of Truth
Queen of Prophecy
The Fated Queen
Hope Incarnate


Balance, Fate,


Knowledge, Arcana, Divination, Grave, Twilight, Peace


Great Temple

The Great Temple of Valkeryth, the holiest site dedicated to her is the realm of Darcanis.

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