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The Goddess of Life, Love, and Fertility

Valyrhn is well known throughout the world as being a goddess of both life and love and one of three goddess of the Trinity pantheon. It is said that in the Blighted Age, when the goddess realized that she alone could not keep the forces of destruction at bay or mortalkind alive, she petitioned her counterpart, Kerythae, for help and together- pooling their cosmic energies- they paved the way for Valkeryth to emerge into existence.

The Goddess of Life

"It's not her paladins you should be watching-- they won't change the world. It's the ones that they protect that will leave their mark on the worlds as we know them."
Ellana Valyron
Valyrhn's aspect of life is that of "protection" and "nurture", and as such, of the trinity, it is she that has the most paladins in service to her. The goddess' belief in mortalkind stems from her viewing their resilience during the Blighted Age and many of her warriors state and teach that no mortal is born with the darkness only with the potential to turn to it and embrace it. Her priests and many of her churches teach tolerance, temperance, as well as see to it that many schools are established in order to spread education and knowledge.

Tenets of the Goddess of Life

Nurture the Light.

Belief is strong enough to be a weapon. Not all darkness can chase away the light, another life can be earned, another life can be saved, and another light can grow and keep the Darkness at bay.

Stand Your Ground.

Do not fear the fate that meets all for to fear that is to fear life. Trust what guides you, be it your heart, your mind, or your soul whichever you feel brings you hope. Let that be what guides you and may you use it and your wisdom to protect and lead those around you.

Know Yourself as well as the Enemy.

A mark of one who is just and true is that one is able to acknowledge the truth from another's eyes before passing judgment. Your actions are a reflection of you and to lose track of that is to lose sight of your self and can lead others astray.

The Twists of Beliefs

Due to the belief that whoever defends life is of the Light, a divide has fallen amongst people of how best to serve the goddess and radicals of sects of Valyrhn have risen throughout history. Ironically, reckless abandonment can be seen as some people take her words literally, irregardless of all the teachings utilizing wisdom and knowledge to guide your actions.  

The Goddess of Love

"Just as there are different Fated, there are different loves in one's life. May the Goddess guide you and may you find what it is you're searching for."

Love comes in all forms and Valyrhn seeks for mortals to understand that, which is one of the main values that priests teach and is the first thing that all initiates of her learn. 

Tenets of the Goddess of Love

Embrace Known and Unknown.

Love can be found in the darkest of places even in one where you cannot see it. If you make assumptions then you will never understand what is out there within your reach-- and those that you could help will never receive it. Use your knowledge and wisdom and trust-- let the known and unknown guide you.

All Things End and Begin.

To hold on to that which is gone as if it were still there leaves one open to the machinations of darker forces all around. Cherish the memories and the life that was shared and know that the end is a beginning and every beginning will see its end.

Love Has Many Faces.

There is a love that is only shared between family both born and chosen, by blood and by bond. There is a love unique to that between friends and another that only lovers know-- even one that Fated share. Love has many faces and can be seen where you look even if you are not a part of that connection. It is one of the greatest gifts that mortalkind holds-- the ability to share lives with each other in unique ways. Yet, to lean too far into one is to weaken this great gift-- trust in each other and do not believe that it is you who must bear it all, you are not the center of it.

The Twist of Beliefs

Many take the beliefs of Valyrhn and spread it to fit their whims and goals when it comes to the darker sides of affection, romance, and lust. The many faces of love has been exploited numerous times by brothels and some that sought to worship her deigned to try and make temples devoted to such a study focused on carnal pleasures-- however, each time this is the main focus it seems that someone from far away happens to teach any worshippers another viewpoint. Of all the temples that pass judgment on 'religious cases', those dedicated to the aspect of the Goddess of Love seems to deal with the most.  

The Goddess of Fertility

"Mortalkind has a power all their own. Their belief is the reason some things have come to be, both that which can save all and that which can doom all."
Something that is both mysterious as well as revered is the aspect of the Goddess of Fertility. While not entirely rare to find one of the church who keeps to the goddess's tenets, it is rare for one to proclaim that they are initiates, clerics, priests or even that they serve a church. Of all the aspects of Valyrhn, this is the only one whose church is not physical. A mark is gifted to each member of the "Church" in a particular reason and their goal is to ensure that the place where they reside flourishes. 

Tenets of the Goddess of Fertility

As it is not even known who serves the Goddess of Fertility, the tenets that are recorded came from a study published in the Bards College of Batun.  
Even That Which Seems Faded Can Be Renewed.
Shadows Can Hide Light and Light Can Hide Shadows.
Lives Intertwine and Memories Live On.

The Twists of Belief

While many believe that fertility is linked to just births there are those that believe that it also relates to nature and farming and growth leading there to be sects of farmers devoted to the goddess in some regions where fields are plenty prosperous all year round. Others have come to believe that this part of the goddess has long died out and is rather a remnant of her belief but these surges of disbelief often and strangely die down to whispers shortly after.

Her sigil is that of a three-petal flower with a trinity star in the center each point made up of different gems.



Lawful Good


Queen of Life
The Mistress of Cities
Lady of Song
The Guiding Star


Life, Love, Fertility


Life, Light, Peace, Twilight (Blood)


The Path forward is through Life and Love shall be a guide.

Great Temple

The Great Temple of Valyrhn, the holiest site dedicated to her lies in what is now known as the Wastes and is the celestial temple that sits in the center of the waters of Darkfalls.

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