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Goddess of Death, War, and the Soul

by Mara Jaena

Kerythae is well known throughout the world as being a goddess of both death and battle and one of three goddess of the Trinity pantheon. It is said that in the Blighted Age, when the goddess realized that alone she could not stop the world from tearing itself apart, she finally joined forces with her counterpart, Valyrhn, and together- pooling their cosmic energies- they paved the way for Valkeryth to emerge into existence.

The Goddess of Death

"Yes, the gods come to claim a soul after death, but I know that Kerythae is with you before that, in your final moments celebrating your life."
— Ellana Valyron
Her aspect of death is that of the "chosen end" and "celebrating the end of a life". Followers, champions, and theologists acknowledge that Kerythae is the one you pray to for the end that you wish. Warriors pray for an honorable death while the sick pray for reprieve at the end.   Churches and orders that understand this aspect of the goddess teach others not to fear death but to celebrate one's life and see death as both the end and the beginning.  

Tenets of the Goddess of Death

Accept the End.
There is nothing to be feared in moving forward. There is more to come, but not in this life.
Cherish Life.
Do not fear death, for to fear that is to fear life. Live with honor knowing that in the end, your life will guide you on in death.
Be Just.
It is not your duty to deliver an end to those you deem worthy of death. It is your duty to mete out that which is just to those that wish nothing but harm and cruelty.  

The Twists of Beliefs

Due to the fear of death by the majority of mortalkind, beliefs and teachings of the goddess have become diluted and altered. While the sick and suffering pray for a painless end, many warriors have come into the belief that a prayer to Kerythae will bring about the end of their enemies and have slayed many- sometimes even needlessly- in the belief that death will bring about the end to the conflict they wish.  

The Goddess of War

"You don't call on a cleric of War unless you intend to make peace."
— Cinta
While renowned to be a goddess of warriors on the battlefield, it is not tenets of warfare that the priests and clerics of Kerythae preach. Instead, those who follow the goddess understand that while conflict is a natural condition of mortalkind, so too must be the dissolution of war. Fighting for conflict's sake and for bloodlust is something abhorred by the goddess and disavowed by those of the faith. If there is anything else she despises just as much, it is beginning wars in the name of peace and security.  

Tenets of the Goddess of War

There is no room for selfish wants and seeking glory. Understand that conflict will arise, and that through wisdom and insight peace must be attained. Both sides of the conflict must be acknowledged in order to ensure a better world moving forward.
Your word is both a weapon and that which binds, exercise caution and mind your promises.
By Blade and Belief.
Respect the warriors by your side and against you. There is always another perspective of the conflict but that should not mean that darkness and evil is to be given free reign. End lives in battle, but understand the consequences of your actions and move forward.  

The Twist of Beliefs

Because there are very few of this aspect of the church and those who are inducted are normally spread wide and far throughout the lands, interpretation of her tenets without proper guidance has led to radicalized followings where conflict was used to instill peace and where aspects of the tenets were selected.  

The Goddess of the Soul

"To understand one's Soul is to look into the eye of a storm and in that moment... see truth."
— Kazi Medoa
Something that is either not as widely acknowledged or deliberately forgotten is the aspect of the goddess that is revered and served by her most dedicated clerics, priests, and followers. It is rare to find one of the church who keeps to the tenets and those of the Goddess of the Soul who do teach it do so only because they are well-versed with it and not because of practice. The handful of clerics out in the world that do have an understanding of the soul put the tenets to practice.  

Tenets of the Goddess of the Soul

Unknown to the people... but the stories say that the secrets lie within the mouth of the Dragon Pass in the Forest of Gateways and in the vanishing city.  
Understand a Truth reflected.
One's soul is a reflection of the person's innermost self and where truth cannot hide. In judgment, understand the soul and let that wisdom guide your hand.
Your soul is your own.
The eternal soul of a being is sacred, but so is the choice of the individual and one may choose what they wish to do with one's own soul. However, should this choice condemn the souls of others, intercession is expected for one should never corrupt the soul of another.
Protect and Nurture.
One's soul changes, leanrs, and grows. It is one's responsibility to protect both the souls of one's self and others. You must strive to grow and encourage others to do so as well. If one usurps the souls of others against their will, if one breaks souls for personal gain, if one steals souls for the abyss, their soul is corrupted and judgment can be freely passed.  

The Twists of Belief

Because of what little is known, it is believed that to be a devotee of the Goddess of the Soul means one must understands a person wholly and many have made it their goal is to learn how. With this, many believe this is a path to opening one's self to empathy.

Her sigil is that of a three bladed trinity with a twisting star in the center each point made up of different gems that form the pommels of the daggers.



Lawful Neutral


Queen of War
The Blade Mistress
Lady of Twilight
The Eternal Star


Death, War, Soul


War, Grave, Death, Twilight (Peace, Blood)


Death comes for all, do not fear this end, accept it.

Great Temple

The Great Temple of Valkeryth, the holiest site dedicated to her is unknown...

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