Terra Ava


Terra Ava is a small setting centralised around six intelligent bird species living on a large mainland in a world plain. This world is home to a rich variety of environments and climates, and people have flourished. The main thing that distinguishes Terra Ava from other settings is that all of the fauna on the planet are birds.

The Ten Wonders of the World make up the entire mainland. These nine biomes, plus the Sand-Filled Sea, are extremely large and stretch many millions of kilometres.


The creator of Terra Ava is Emil Diahan, a man from the Earth setting. In his first life he was an oologist and studied birds eggs. His research led him across the planet, studying countless birds and their eggs, and when he died his world was heavily inspired by his research and interest.

Emil's setting isn't especially famous, however is enjoyed by his local friend group that all work in close proximity to each other. In fact, they occasionally share ideas and mention each other in their worlds. It explains why a handful of ideas in Terra Ava don't seem too cohesive.


10 million years
No. Of Intelligent Life Forms
5 billion
No. Of Intelligent Species 6


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