Plucked By Trazz

The village poultry shop, owned and operated by Trazz the Goblin. The poultry sold in the shop is sourced by local farmers and hunters, and includes a variety of birds to choose from. Some pre-cooked delicacies are also available, prepared by Trazz in the both Human and Goblin-style. Trazz took over running the shop when his father died four years ago; he is the third in his family line to own and run the place since it first opened its doors.

For those unfamiliar with Goblin-style cooking, this is a heavily seasoned cooking style that makes extensive use of things like horseradish, hot peppers, and mustard powder - and often all three in combination. Goblins are said to prefer food that "bites back" even after it is cooked.
Founding Date
25 Time of V'nbarrgh's Greataxe, 2135CR
Parent Location

Available Goods and Services

Uncooked Goods for Sale
Cooked Goods for Sale


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