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Jadrick Karn

The Karn Jadrick Vilder-Karn

adrick Karn is the current recognized head of the Karn family - a family that governs almost every aspect of life in Karnstown either overtly or from behind the scenes. As family head, he is usually referred to simply as "the Karn", and is master of Karn Manor which literally overlooks all of Karnstown.


Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Jadrick is well educated, though not formally so. He is a voracious reader; his procurements of various tomes and scrolls have increased the size of the library at Karn Manor to almost double its earlier size. Ancient human history is a preferred subject, though Jadrick is one of the few in all of the Frontier Lands that can carry on an intelligent conversation regarding the histories of non-human civilizations of Cartyrion as well.

Morality & Philosophy

Jadrick's morality and philosophy can both be summed up in a single phrase: Family before All.

Personality Characteristics


As head of the Karn family, and hence keeper of the Karn family Heritage, Jadrick is primarily concerned with keeping everything in the town running smoothly. Since Jasric Karn first founded the town almost two hundred years ago, the family has tried to sell the notion that Karnstown is an important city and pleasant place to live to the rest of the Frontier Lands (if not the world).

Of course, the real reason for making the town appealing is to attract money to the town for the Karn family to exploit. The family has established itself in the same mold as the Four Families that have ruled in Endmere for over two thousand years and in fact has also, over the years, ensured familial links between those powerful families and themselves. In fact, Jadrick's wife Anna comes from the powerful Montchagnon Family which controls most of the textile and jewelry trade in the Free City far to the north. It is Jadrick's hope to use this connection to further the pewter trade that Karnstown is striving to develop.

Jadrick's most important motivations are the Karn Family honor and reputation. He will do whatever is necessary to maintain the apparent respectability of the family. And since there are some members of the extended family that don't seem to be quite as concerned as he is about appearances, this sometimes means that certain events (and those involved) need to be quietly and efficiently swept under the rug.

Virtues & Personality perks

Jadrick strives to be viewed as sophisticated and respectable. He will never get his hands dirty if necessary family business gets a bit messy. He also strives to be as legitimate as possible, preferring legal solutions to situations over potentially more expedient options that may be less savory.

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite the desire to maintain an air of sophistication and appropriateness, Jadrick is not beyond underhandedness when it comes to Family business. To be more exact, he is not beyond overlooking underhandedness -- he would never actually dirty his own hands. Those around him know when his "wishes" should be translated into abrupt and sometimes brutal action.


Jadrick Karn

husband (Important)

Towards Anna Montchagnon



Anna Montchagnon

wife (Vital)

Towards Jadrick Karn



Current Location
Date of Birth
03 Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2229CR
Year of Birth
2229 CR -58 Years old
Current Residence
Karn Manor


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