Wordler 375

Wordler of GAWKY

Wordler 375

Wordler 375, the Wordler of GAWKY, was designated by the QUEEN of the REALM on Day 375. His given name has been revealed as Joe but, as with most of the QUEEN‘s designees, he is exclusively referred to by his Wordler title or number after his designation.   He appears prominently in the wordlerQUEST storyline.  

Canonical Story

Day 375 Quest

Wordler 375 is successful in his quest, securing the Protective Word GAWKY.
  • Day 375: GAWKY in wordlerQUEST Live Manuscript


    No known WORDLERplex stories featuring Wordler 375 have yet been released by the Co-Authors of the Wordler Village Community.

    Licensure Status

    IP rights to Wordler 375 have not yet been licensed.  


    GAWKY Tokens were made available by Cryptoversal in the summer of 2022. A total of 494 GAWKY Tokens were minted by the Wordler Village community.   Search for “375” in the OG Wordler collection on OpenSea, Rarible, or other reputable marketplaces that support creator rights..

    Mental characteristics

    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Related Plots

    Character Portrait image: Wordler 375 by Cryptoversal


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