Villagers comprise the dominant population group in the modern REALM, a subspecies of humans with physical adaptations to the REALM’s magical environment.   Most Villagers trace their descent from human colonists of the Western Empire who arrived soon after the end of the Crossword War. The colony declared independent status upon the breakup of the Western Empire about two centuries ago, but by then most Villagers had already formed a strong affinity with the native Folk and Subterranean Denizens and the REALM had settled on a unique blend of all three cultures.  


As with Folk and Subterranean Denizens, the Humans of the REALM have acquired a notable adaptation to their vision which allows them to distinguish bands of ultraviolet color. These correspond with a range of skin and hair colors that outsiders are unable to see.   Skin and hair colors sometimes run in families, but also seem to have a random element or follow rules that are not understood. Some colors are more common while others are exceedingly rare. In the religion of the REALM, the colors are ascribed to the stakes that various gods have made on their most favored mortals. Otherwise, skin and hair colors are considered culturally superficial.  

Denizen skin pigmentation

Wordler 392
Wordler 392 by Cryptoversal
MELON is described by Villagers as a musky shade analagous to light green.
Wordler 357
Wordler 357 by Cryptoversal
CACAO is described by Villgers as a dark shade analagous to brown.
Wordler 354
Wordler 354 by Cryptoversal
LEMON is described by Villagers as a pale shade analagous to yellow.

Wordler 364
Wordler 364 by Cryptoversal
MINTY is described by Villagers as a bright shade analagous to light blue.
Wordler 363
Wordler 363 by Cryptoversal
LEAFY is described by Villagers as a deep shade analagous to dark green.
Wordler 374
Wordler 374 by Cryptoversal
GRAPE is described by Villagers as a vivid shade analagous to purple.

Wordler 379
Wordler 379 by Cryptoversal
BERRY is described by Villagers as a regal shade analagous to medium blue.
Wordler 362
Wordler 362 by Cryptoversal
BRICK is described by Villagers as a fiery shade analagous to dark red.
PROUD is described by Villagers as a swirly rainbow of many colors.


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