Wordler Village Dispatches from a Cursed REALM

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A wizard has cursed the REALM.   To fend off the devastation, a Wordler is called to duty each morning on a quest to hold back the curse for one more day.   A Protective Word must be found by sunset each day. The consequences otherwise would be unthinkable…   Inspired by the international word puzzle phenomenon, Wordler Village celebrates the power of words and the spirit of those who use them.


Originally published as a series of Wordler Vignettes, each inspired by a prompt derived from Wordle puzzles. One by one, these stories are creating the canonical world of the REALM.   The Live Manuscripts contain the current or updated version of the text, author commentary, and your comments and ongoing revision suggestions. This is your chance to help shape the story world.  


wordlerQUEST Live Manuscript

The wordlerQUEST storyline (Days 353-392) served as a “sandbox” to develop the vignette format and many elements of the REALM.


NIGHTfall Live Manuscript

The NIGHTfall storyline (Days 393-415) dealt with the immediate aftermath of a failed quest that caused the destruction of the REALM.

Samhain 2022

Samhain 2022 Live Manuscript

The Samhain 2022 (499-529) storyline is a holiday bonus that showcases Otherworldly beings on their annual visit to the otherwise depopulated REALM.


A wizard has cursed the REALM. Each morning, a Wordler is chosen to find the Protective Word that will stave off the land's destruction for one more day...   Today, YOU will be the one to undertake a unique creative journey. Applicants will be assigned one of 52 Protective Words, selected for you at random from the Word Wizard's own private vocabularuy. Use your Word as a prompt to create something awesome and original--a short story, an epic poem, a masterpiece of visual art, or a lifesize sculpture of the Eiffel Tower made entirely from bubble gum. For stories, aim for the 500- to 2000-word range using any genre, any style, or any topic that allows the REALM to retain its PG-13 rating.   If your quest is successful, your creative work will appear in PageDAO Magazine and in a collective work minted to the PageDAO Readme Collection. The grateful denizens of Wordler Village will fete your accomplishment, reward you with $PAGE and contributor copies, and inscribe your name in the Wordler Hall of Fame.   Apply on DeWork.  


New Wordler Vignette releases appear first on the Cent Pages platform and can be collected there with a free account. If you’re Web3-inclined, you can transfer your vignettes into a Polygon-supporting wallet at any time. Readers collected over 40,000 Wordler Vignettes in 2022, making this the largest collection of its kind in a pioneering year for the emerging Web3 publishing space.   Your subscription to Wordler Vignettes will bring new stories to your email along with an occasional newsletter.  

IP Rights

With the development of this web space and the release of IP rights, Wordler Village has become an increasingly collaborative project that offers Co-Authors an easy on-ramp to next-generation storytelling tools and techniques.   We aim to be a community that empowers authors, amplifies voices, and delights readers.

Be a Wordler

Each Wordler Vignette is built from a five-letter Word, which can be used as a prompt for your own writing, poetry, or artwork.   Tag your creation with #BeAWordler so we can find them all.

WORDLERplex Side-Chains

Rights-holders in the Wordler Village ecosystem have the ability to create WORDLERplex side-chains to include their own riffs and variations on the underlying story IP.
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