Dance of the Pumpkin King

Everything was fine in Bertebour - a town on the very edge of the Tela’tethadyr forest. The people were happy, trade with the aos’si fey was good, and people would come from miles and miles around to stay the night near the fabled “Land of the Feywild” - the gateway to the mysterious Courts of Mirasandorhal.   A few nights ago a woman, alone and with nothing but the clothes on her back, came stumbling into town. She spoke of a demon in the woods who had captured her love - and only she had managed to escape. Since that time, strange plant-like creatures have been emerging from nearly every corner of the city.   When the adventures arrive in town, the citizens are in a near panic. Before they can even ask anyone, they are attacked by one of the shambling creatures. What can be done?!   Get this adventure included with your patronage when you join our community!  


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