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    Stag's Point Whirlpool

    Don't get too close to the cliffs at Stag's Point, lad. Plenty of better sailors than you have been sucked down to the bottom of the sea there.
    — A fisherman to his son
      Just off the coast of Stag's Point in the country of Gale, a huge whirlpool swirls unceasingly in the dark waters. It has become the grave of many ships over the years, but now functions as a tourist location. Large platforms have been built over the water to give people the opportunity to look down at the churning waves below.


    The whirlpool has existed for longer than written records have existed. Originally, the lighthouse at Stag's Point was built to warn ships of the danger, though that has not stopped a large number of tragic incidents occuring over the years.   The most famous of the incidents associated with the whirlpool occurred when the king of Rislain travelled by ship to Gale with his wife and children for peace talks. The lighthouse was not lit that night, and the king's ship was swallowed by the whirlpool, leaving no survivors. This almost caused outright war between Rislain and Gale, and some in Rislain believe - to this day - that the lighthouse was not lit on purpose.


    Around thirty years ago, an enterprising company called Ride or Die petitioned to have the whirlpool turned into a tourist attraction. The local government agreed, on the condition that any structures did not interfere with the area's natural beauty. The company constructed large reinforced glass walkways that jutted out from the coast, giving tourists a view of the whirlpool from above.   For a couple of years, the company offered bungee-jumping from the walkway directly over the whirlpool, but was banned from doing so after the first death. They continued to do so illegally, but the government cracked down after the third death. The company was fined and went bankrupt.   The walkway and the attached hotel is now owned by a private owner who prefers to stay anonymous.
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    The Vortex, Craven's Eye
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