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Illum the City of Crystal and Ice


The Altaic elves have no real cities but for Illum. Illum is situated beside a volcanic lake, and so the surrounding region is relatively green and lush. Great elms, beech, and hemlock grow tall and mighty beside the walls of this city, and a constant mist - descending from the mountains - mixes with the steam - rising from the lake - to create a heart-aching sight. It reminds one of the ancient feywilds.

Tall torches made of chalk line the paths to Illum. The city itself is of an incredible height, challenging the mountains it hides between. The towers are of crystal glazed with frost, and the walls are solid ice. Here you will find the greatest of the Altaic craftsmen, and the noblest of their race reside in the cold spires at the city top.

Illum is incomparable in grandeur. But the Altaic themselves prefer the wild woods than the confines of a cityscape. They are a wild people who dislike mass organization.

It is unknown through what arts the Altaic were able to create Illum.


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